You’ll no longer need a third hand to keep hold of that &*%(^ screw


Some of these handy-looking Screw Grabbers would have saved a lot of swearing around these parts recently while we were assembling a butcher block cart and wire basket drawer sets for the closets.  This Kickstarter project is seeking funding for a Screw Grabbers, which are “transparent rubber sleeves that slide onto screwdrivers to hold a variety of screw sizes to the end of a screwdriver. You will never drop a non-magnetic screw again!”  Each Screw Grabber has a set of graduated ribs to hold large to small screws in place.  You just slide a Screw Grabber onto the shaft of the screw driver for storage, then you slide it into place when you need it.  They plan to produce two sizes of Screw Grabbers, so they’ll work with every screw driver shaft sizes.  They will accept slotted, Phillips, Torx, and Hex screws.  The funding period continues through Sat, March 22, 2014 at 11:03 AM EST.  If successful, shipping is expected for June 2014.  A minimum pledge of $7 gets you a set of four Screw Grabbers, three large and one small.

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