Display your old vinyl albums as works of art


Some of the vinyl albums of my youth had beautiful covers that were works of art.  I was always tempted to display some of them on my walls, but there wasn’t a good way to do that and still be able to play the album.  With the Record Showcase frames for vinyl albums, you can display both the album cover and the album itself.  Best of all, you can easily remove the album any time you like so you can pop it on the turntable.  You can hang them horizontally or vertically without worry that the album will slide out of place, because a small spindle holds it in place.  The frame is made of polycarbonate, and it has a UV inhibitor to protect the record and its cover from light damage.  It has a reversible silver/gold matting, and all you need to hang it is a nail.  The Record Showcase is $39.95.

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