Wizor – a pair of scissors you don’t have to search for

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Loose threads, labels and tags. Three things that require an ordinary every day tool to remove – a pair of scissors. But where is a pair when you need them? Probably at the bottom of a drawer, but which drawer? One way to solve this problem is with a Wizor. What the heck is a Wizor you ask? It’s a wall scissor of course! Wizors are peel and stick cutters that you can affix to a handy location so it will always be exactly where you need it to be. Wizors are made of plastic with a special blade behind a protective shield making this tool safe for even smaller kids to use. Instead if trying to break off labels or threads by pulling or biting them, you can just cut them with the Wizor.

Wizors come in packs of two for $8.99. For more info and to order, visit Wizor.com

3 thoughts on “Wizor – a pair of scissors you don’t have to search for”

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  2. The biggest problem I can see is this contraption looks like a hanging hook. One day, I might forget and hang something on it. It is best to mount it upside down to avoid confusion.

  3. Hi @thegadgeteer! Thanks for the review. The Wizor is also great for cutting ribbon, yarn, thread, string, frayed edges, even fishing line!

    @HaiVu online it does resemble a hook, but when The Wizor is installed, you can not mistake it for a hook because the opening is not wide enough to hang anything. The design makes cutting in one single motion simple, fast, safe and fun!

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