Double Robot turns your iPad into your remote controlled alter ego

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Here’s a gift for the person that has everything. It’s the Double Robot and it will let you be in two places at once. Feeling under the weather and don’t feel like going to work to attend that important meeting? Let Double go for you. Double is a telepresence robot that stands 60 inches tall in “standing” mode and 47 inches in “sitting” mode. It holds a full-sized iPad on a self-balancing two wheeled pedestal that you control via an iOS device. The iPad displays your face on its screen and you will see through the iPad’s camera as you roll it around and communicate back and forth with people.

The Double Robot is available at Grand St. for $2499. That price does not include an iPad. A little too rich for your blood? Check out Romo Robot, a much smaller controllable robot that is priced at a much more reasonable $149.

7 thoughts on “Double Robot turns your iPad into your remote controlled alter ego”

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  2. I see a future where offices are full of rolling iPADs on a stick desperately looking to find the one human who actually made it in today.

  3. It would be really cool for telecommuters to have a “library” of these things parked at the office, that you could check-out for those days you can’t or don’t want to make it into the office.

  4. I saw this first on “The Good Wife” TV show – absolutely hilarious. They had a scene where one was trying to get into a meeting room, but of course could not open the door, and another one where someone put a sheet of paper with a smiley face over the screen rendering it blind. I am sure that it has very practical uses – well I’m not really – but until I do, they are funny. I suppose without arms, I am pretty safe from being murdered in by bed because they turned on me due to an imagined (or real) slight from me. But then again, I suppose one could run you over to some detrimental effect.

    This is why I love The Gadgeteer. Just a complete mix of technology related articles for real everyday folk like you and me.

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