Slate is a bamboo lapdesk with style and function

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The Slate Mobile AirDesk is a new Kickstarter project that just launched yesterday and has already surpassed the funding goal of $6500. It is made in Tempe, Arizona from a solid block of hand sanded bamboo. A grid of holes has been drilled through the block to help with air flow and heat dissipation. There is a special slot for your phone or tablet and a built in mouse pad. It’s lightweight, sturdy and looks very nice. I think I need one… My primary computer at home is a 3 year old 13″ Macbook Air. I love it because it’s lightweight while still having a nice sized screen and keyboard. I use the MBA on my lap while sitting on the couch way more than I do on my desk in Gadgeteer HQ (my basement office). When I use the MBA on my lap, I don’t have the advantage of being able to use a mouse with it. The trackpad on the MBA works fine for most of what I do on a daily basis, but when I’m editing photos for reviews and news posts, a mouse makes things so much easier. So, when I’m editing photos, I usually do it in the office with my laptop on the desk while Jeanne is sitting alone on the couch with her Macbook Pro. The Slate lapdesk looks like it could be a perfect thing to prevent Jeanne from being lonely. I’m all about loneliness prevention. A minimum pledge of $88 will reserve one Slate, with shipping due in time for Christmas.

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    1. @andix Funny you should say that. I had the exact same thought! I’ve had that thought about several Kickstarter projects lately. It’s given me an idea of starting a DIY video series. If not video, then just a DIY series of articles.

  2. it looks like they just did a plywood of bamboo strips

    either way, it looks like a neat idea, except I don’t see how holes that allow heat to dissipate thru the bottom doesn’t translate to really warm thighs, or even soupy shorts

  3. When making one yourself, you could grind a slit in it and glue a piece of metal (e.g. aluminium) into the slit.
    The metal will take up the heat quickly and dissipate it to the edges.
    It’ll keep your laptop cooler and wouldn’t cost much.

  4. It’s nice that it’s capable of keeping your lap and private parts cooler, but we have all been warned that using wireless devices so close may have long-term negative side effects. As convenient as it is to use on my lap and my stomach (in bed), I try to make a strong effort to use a table. The RF power weakens dramatically with every inch away from your body. Sorry for the negative message…

  5. You could go the DIY route, or go to Bed Bath and Beyond a get a breakfast bed tray for (I don’t know…) $20. They may have versions designed for a laptop or iPad too.

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