Charge your phone with your power tools

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I have a handyman working in my new (to me) condo this week, and I’ve noticed his Android phone gets some use.  If he needed, he could get a recharge by plugging his phone into a outlet in my house, but what if he were working on a construction site that may not have a power outlet he could use?  Instead of carrying a backup battery or keeping a bulky battery case on his phone, he could just keep the PoweriSite charger in his pocket and top off his phone from any Dewalt power tool battery.  This Kickstarter device provides 3.1A, so you can charge a tablet, too.  Funding continues through Thursday Dec 19, 4:09am EST; delivery is expected in March 2014, if successful.  A minimum pledge of $12 (early bird special price) gets you an PoweriSite.

4 thoughts on “Charge your phone with your power tools”

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  2. Mentally the first thing that comes to my mind with this is “WHY?” but then I thought about it for a little while. This is a pretty good idea for people working remote locations. Years ago we were repairing camping spots each night we would hook up our dewalt chargers and charge all our packs. Next morning we pack our equipment and hike to the camping spots. Since we hiking we were limited in what we could carry. We usually could get a cell signal but had no power to charge devices. Little tiny charger would not take up much more space. And we already have a bunch of batteries. Now granted when I did this it was 15 years ago, and my cell phone was a nokia 2110, today I would do it.

  3. This is a great idea, leveraging large powerful batteries that you already have with you.

    Now imagine pulling one of these babies (plus battery) out at some hipster convention, along with a typewriter and vintage camera. 🙂 Just kidding!

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