Architect’s Wallet is rugged, simple, functional


Want a wallet with rugged style and tough-as-nails construction, yet is function and minimalist?  Then you need to check out the Architect’s Wallet from form•function•form.  Hand crafted from a saddle-stitched piece of thick, rugged 5/6 oz leather, it eliminates the multiple layers of paper-thin leather dividers of typical wallets, in favor of minimalism and usability.  It incorporates a write-anywhere Fisher Space Pen (a favorite of many for portability and durability) and a take-anywhere extra small Moleskine Volant notebook (tiny but tough and handy) that is slightly larger than a credit card.  With space for three cards inside the notebook flap and five to ten in the thumb-slot pouch, and space for some folded cash and receipts in either slot, the minimalist design will easily fit in the front pocket of all but the skinniest jeans (you know who you are).  Available in over a dozen leather color and texture combinations.  What’s the catch for all this made-in-USA awesomeness ?  Price.  Once you’ve emptied your thick wallet on its $98 price tag, a minimalist wallet will be all you need.  Also see the related Charette Wallet, which has pen loop instead of a pen pocket.

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  2. After 20 years of being a behind the wallet guy, I don’t think I could ever switch. I’m pretty sure my right butt cheek is a centimeter or two flatter than my left. I know instantly if I sit down and am missing my wallet. Just a short time in a bathing suit or gym shorts will leave me borderline frantic, wondering where my wallet is.

  3. @Blake Patterson – Well, apparently lots of people. Google “front pocket wallet” and have a gander. The idea is that putting your wallet your front pocket both forces you to carry less in your wallet and also is better for pickpocket prevention.

    @anson – Thanks for that link. I’ve been looking at the flipside wallets for some time. Since it is rigid and looks fairly thick, does that pose any issues when carrying in the front of jeans?

    @Andrew Baker – I hear you on that. I am trying to make the switch to a more “minimalist” wallet myself to make it thinner, but I will likely still carry it in my back pocket. I am like you—if it is not there, I freak out for a few seconds till I find it!

  4. 1) thanks a lot for the mention, Andy!
    2) Gregg (/whoever else is interested): Natural Chromexcel. Hands down, it’s my favorite of all the leathers I have in stock. It’s got a great waxy feel, and the tonal range of the light to dark brown as it stretches and moves (called ‘pull-up’ in leatherworking) is really incredible. Apart from working with it myself, I have at least three pairs of shoes made out of it, and they’re great.

  5. @shawn – You are welcome! And you’re right, that Chromexcel looks great in Natural (though I am somehow drawn to the green colors as well! 🙂 Heck, they all look great.

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