A $40 digital camera from AC Gears

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My daughter always wanted a digital camera, but they were always too expensive to just hand over to a young child – and still are.  Of course, there were toy cameras, but they weren’t enough for the older child who wanted to actually have a picture to keep – and they were expensive, too.  Now AC Gears is offering the Bonzart Lit Mini LCD Digital Camera for the price of some toy cameras today.  The Lit is a 3MP camera that can take stills or videos and can add effects real-time.  You can view your shot as you take it on the built-in LCD screen.  It has features you’d expect on a more expensive camera: center, multi, and spot metering; timer with 2-second, 10-second, or burst mode; and auto, daylight, cloudy, fluorescent, and tungsten white balance adjustment.  It’s available in red from AC Gears for $39.99.  They plan to offer a waterproof case for this camera in time for the holidays.

3 thoughts on “A $40 digital camera from AC Gears”

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  2. Lots of used cameras out there in this price range that would take a lot better photos. Hell, I’ve gotten decent new cameras on sale or clearance for not too much more than this.

    For kids I’d recommend one of the shockproof/waterproof models so that it won’t break the first time it’s dropped or left out in the rain.

  3. While a used camera may be an option for some of the OLDER children (like over 12 or 14), something like this would be good for the 5-10 year old range. Simple controls and basic point/shoot.

  4. I agree with Michael – kids should get shockproof/waterproof cameras. My daughter’s prior camera was a normal compact camera. It died when she tripped and smacked it on the ground. We got her a shockproof/waterproof camera for her birthday. The first time out, she took it to the beach. It came back with sand in every nook and cranny! Took me 15 min to clean it before I opened it to get to the SD card. It still works fine.

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