Keep your cords in the Loop and they will be tangle free

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Blink Inc Loop-1

I tend to travel a lot more as I have gotten a little older. The thing is, when I travel I always carry an assortment of mobile devices and their accompanying cords. Whenever I arrive at my destination, it always seems like my cords have been in a knot fight, always tangled with themselves and other cords. The Loop, a Kickstarter project by Blink Inc., looks to solve tangled cord woes. The Loop is a simple PVC device designed to keep your cords and cables under control. It works by slipping one end of your cord or cable through the slits in the Loop, wrapping your cord or cable in a loop and then snapping the Loop closed around the cord or cable. The design allows the Loop to always be with you and the cord or cable you are using it with. This also gives you the ability to use the Loop to shorten a cord or cables while in use (headphones come to mind). This project has several funding options with a $10 pledge getting you a set of Loops. The project is seeking funding until September 9, 2013, and if successfully funded, will ship sometime in September 2013.

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  2. I’m an avid music guy and one of the simplest/coolest trick I learned to managing cables/cords is the twist-n-loop method. Most usb cables, instrument cables, majority of cables inherently twist into position due to the braided copper wires inside the cables’ housing…go with the flow and it will be tangle-free, go against it and you’ll have a gordian knot.

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