Cord Buddy is your cable’s and cord’s new BFF

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Do you use your smartphone or tablet as an alarm clock on your nightstand? Or maybe you have a charging cable for your laptop on the end table next to your couch. If you answered yes to either question, I bet you’ll also answer yes to the next question. Do you usually find the cable on the floor when you need to use it? The Cord Buddy has been designed to prevent you from saying yes to that last question. The Cord Buddy has two halves made of weighted molded plastic with the appearance of steel. The basic version has one cord channel and the Glow version of the Cord Buddy has 3 channels. The idea is that you place the cables in the channels and then place the top half of the Cord Buddy on top. Strong magnets hold the two halves together and the weight of the holder keeps it from sliding off the table. When you need to use the cable, you just pull it through the holder and when you’re done with it you let it slide back through. The end of the cable prevents it from sliding completely through and on to the floor. Cord Buddy’s are available in silver, black, white and sports versions and are available through The Grommet with prices ranging from $14.95 up to $17.95.

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