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A little late to the EDC party, but then again I was busy cleaning out my bag for spring cleaning!   I regularly carry a laptop bag with me on a daily basis since my laptop is my daily work computer as well as my work-at-home computer.  Not pictured are a couple of ink pens, some chapstick, and a rubber-banded stack of business cards.  Other than that, this is what is in my bag on a daily basis.  


Pictured clockwise from the bottom middle of the picture:

  • ASUS Windows 7 laptop:  my daily computer at work and home.  I am solidly in the Windows 7 camp and couldn’t be happier. The ASUS is a solid laptop.
  • Samsung Chromebook: my current favorite gadget. The Chromebook goes with me to all meetings and not very far away from me in the evenings and weekends. It’s fast and since I am a daily Chrome user it opens my desktop open tabs, and pulls in all my desktop bookmarks. Awesome.
  • Digital Zone Juicebar Solar Charger:  My current go-to backup battery gadget.  It has a 2,000 mAh battery and can fully charge my dead cellphone once, but can also charge my various other gadgets because it came with numerous charging adapters. I have a need for more power though (don’t we all??) so I am currently on the hunt for a replacement.
  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000:  great battery life and the tiny USB adapter hides inside.
  • Logitech R4000 wireless presenter:  I travel and speak alot, and the Logitech is my go-to presenter device.
  • Seagate Freeagent Go 500GB USB HD: I use Carbonite to back up my enter harddrive to the cloud, and I use Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, and Box.com as redundant backups of various folders of files. (yes, I don’t like losing stuff) But my Seagate HD gives me even more peace of mind as another backup of important files. Plus, sometimes you just need massive storage to move large volumes of stuff.
  • Square Register: In my consulting business I sell my consulting services as well as numerous books that I sell at conferences. Square allows me a cost-affordable way to accept credit cards with my cellphone. I wouldn’t leave home without it.
  • Skullcandy Aviator over-the-ear headphones: Every bit as good as Beats, and more affordable.  I won’t travel on an airplane without these because it allows me to drown out the babies, coughers, and annoying talkers.
  • Canary Wireless Hotspotter: it boots in like 3 seconds and immediately scans for wireless networks, telling you the SSID, strength, if it is secured, and if so, what the security protocol is.  It is several years old but still works like a charm.
  • Firewire cables: 2 standard firewire cables. You never know.
  • MobileEdge ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly laptop bag: I have never had a laptop bag last this long. Almost 3 years old, this bag has padded slots for 3 laptop devices, 4 zippered pouches on the outside, made of amazingly durable canvas material, a padded shoulder strap, and gobs (that means alot) of storage slots and cubbies inside. When I travel I use my Powerbag Wheeled Briefcase because of the built-in battery, but my MobileEdge bag is daily go-to bag. Nothing has ever broken on this bag. Amazing.
  • Misc USB jumpdrives: you can never have too many.
  • VGA to HDMI adapter: my ASUS has HDMI out instead of a VGA port, so I need this to connect to projectors.
  • Pocket flashlight: this is for when I need to look at all the crap in my bag because I can’t find anything.
  • HDMI cable: I use this to connect to TVs.
  • Micro USB cable: I use to charge my cellphone and other various USB devices.
  • Beacon The Phoenix Bluetooth Speaker: my new favorite portable bluetooth speaker. This little gem is amazing, and well worth the price.  And its baseball size makes it perfect to stash in a laptop bag.
  • Arrive Leo Bluetooth headset: This is my strangest looking gadget, but I love it. It form fits my head, has great battery life, and sounds awesome. I normally use this while exercising, walking the door, or working in the yard. Awesome headset.
  • Plantronics Voyager Pro HD bluetooth headset: my go-to headset for daily use. I never go anywhere without this or my cellphone.  Voice prompts, 6-hour talk time, smart-sense technology so it knows when it is on my head… I love this headset.
  • Google Nexus 7:  When I got my Nexus 7, the iPad went in the drawer and hasn’t come out since.  I use this tablet daily for music, email, web surfing, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, reading RSS feeds, games, and more. I kill the battery every day.

Not pictured is my cellphone, currently the HTC Thunderbolt android phone. Technically, it never goes in my bag since it is always in my pocket.  But it is a part of my ‘everyday carry’.

8 thoughts on “Everyday Carry Gear – Steve Holt”

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  2. Maybe it’s the several hours of Arrested Development frying my brain, but please tell me people regularly greet you, raise their hands in the air, and yell “STEVE HOLT”.

  3. Steve your back must hate you… That looks like a very heavy EDC! I would also have to agree wholeheartedly with sticking with Win7. My desktop at home and the laptop I carry daily still run 7. To me it is a new XP. Maybe it will still be around in 10+ years…

  4. @Carly Ohhh… if I only had a dollar…. It was funny the first 1,000 times it happened.

    @Jake It really isn’t that heavy. Most of my carrying is from work to home and back, so it isn’t that bad. And I tried to go Mac for a year with a Mac Air. It was the worst year of my life. So happy to be home.

  5. Which model of Skullcandy Aviator Headphones do you have? I have eclectic taste in music, including classical. I’m just wondering if I would like them. -Thanks.

  6. Does the Logitech wireless presenter work with your Chromebook? I ask because I’m looking for a wireless presenter to advance through PDF slides using my Samsung Chromebook.

  7. @tacobean I just tested it with my Chromebook. I uploaded a PPT file to my Google Drive and then tested the Logitech Presenter with both the regular USB port and the USB 3.0 port on the Chromebook. It worked flawlessly with both of them.

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