Clarivue XT Glass Screen Protector review

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clarivue_xtglass_packaging1I am forever spoiled ever since I installed the Spigen tempered glass screen protector on my iPhone 5, I have determined that I will NEVER go back to plastic screen protection for my smart-devices. Sadly, Spigen’s selection is rather limited at the moment, and I needed to look elsewhere for high-end screen protectors for my Galaxy S3 and Note 2. Fortunately, Clarivue has a larger selection and currently creates XT Glass screen protectors for both Samsung smartphones. Hopefully their XT Glass is up to the screen protection I have become accustomed to.

Clarivue has been manufacturing the more classic plastic-film type of screen protectors for years now. They produce many variations of these films from ultra clear to privacy filters. They recently introduced the XT Glass series/line of screen protectors.


The XT Glass is a precision-manufactured piece of tempered glass, engineered to take screen protection to a new level. It is coated with multiple layers to make it fingerprint-, scratch-, and shatter-resistant. It has a hardness rating of 9H, and if the tempered glass does get damaged, the shatterproof film will hold the broken glass together while the protection film layer saves your screen from damage.

Clarivue currently creates their XT Glass protectors for the iPhone 4/4S/5, BB Z10, Nexus 4, and Samsung S3/Note 2.


Instead of a clear piece of glass, the Galaxy S3 XT Glass screen protectors come with a colored border. Border colors include white, orange, and pink. I found it an odd/interesting choice that Clarivue does not have the option to order a borderless version. Other than the XT Glass, Clarivue includes a cleaning tissue and four small rubber button stickers.

As with any screen protector, you should clean your screen and install it in a dust free environment. The first step for installing the XT Glass is to remove the piece of plastic protecting its adhesive back.


Like the Spigen GLAS.tR, installing the XT Glass is extremely simple and stress free. Its inherent rigid nature makes it very easy to align and set into place. The XT Glass for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is precisely fitted for the smartphone’s entire glass face.


Once in place, the glass screen protector settles onto the front of the GS3. After that, simply remove the XT’s protective plastic layer, and it is good to go.


The border see-through points (buttons, sensor, camera, LED flash) are well placed and work. The glass itself is perfectly clear and takes nothing away from the clarity of the screen.


This is the white bordered XT Glass tempered glass screen protector on a dark blue Galaxy S3, essentially making it look like the white version of the smartphone.


The XT Glass for the Galaxy Note 2 has a different design than the one for the GS3. The Note 2 is completely clear (aka no border) and does not cover the entire face of the phablet. Due to the Note 2’s curved glass screen and the rigid nature of a glass screen protector, the XT only covers 90% or so of the screen.


As you can see, the XT only covers up to where the Note’s glass screen begins to curve. The top and bottom edges of the screen protector do not adhere 100%. I guess that is the reason Clarivue has decided to discontinue production of this specific XT Glass product. That said, I love the true glass feel and added protection the XT brings to my Note 2, so, I will be sticking with it.  But since the Note 2 is being discontinued, I will focus the remainder of this review/conclusion on the Galaxy S3 XT Glass screen protector.

The thin piece of engineered tempered glass is very well made and provides excellent protection for the Galaxy S3. The only issue I have with the Clarivue XT for the S3 is the colored border – or at least the fact that there is not an all-clear/non-bordered version. At the time of writing this review, the XT Glass is currently on sale for $30 (GS3); the prices of the other models vary. While the cost is several times more than a thin plastic film screen protector, I find the greater protection, crystal clarity, anti-fingerprint nature, and easy installation well worth the added cost.


Product Information

Price:Less than $50
  • - Perfectly fitted for the Samsung Galaxy S3
  • - Easy/stress-free installation
  • - Provides excellent screen protection
  • - Crystal clear clarity
  • - Great feel
  • - Reduced smudging/easier cleaning
  • - Colored border
  • - Cannot order a totally clear version

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  2. I’m wondering if a case like the elago breathe will fit with the glas protector on? I also notice that there are a couple of other manufacturers of similar glass. Spigen does make a size for the s3 as well, and some of the others come in dark blue.

  3. Well I’ve decided to answer my question, since it didn’t get answered. Since the clarivue was on sale on the Clarivue site with free shipping, I decided to give it a try. My main concern was would the glass work with a case. I’m a bit of a case nut, I got my S3 in March and already have approx 20 cases, why?, I just like to change the look and feel of my phone often, I know I’m crazy! Anyway back to the glass. Installation was very easy, I just cleaned the screen with a micro fiber cloth I use for my glasses, and then with the alcohol prep pad that’s included with the glass. I lined it up to see how it would fit, took off the film and pressed it on, it took about 20 seconds! And to answer the original question, my cases fit! I have some Elago Flex and Breathe cases, Feelock, and Rock cases and they all fit. I think any case that just clips on will fit, I’m sure there are some that won’t, but mine do.


  4. Clarivue has very shady business practices. They sent me the wrong sized screen protector, and told me that they don’t pay for returns, even if it’s their mistake. And to top it off, when I returned the screen protector (at my expense), they claimed they never received it and never issued me a refund. Stay away at all costs.

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