SCOTTEVEST + ThinkGeek = Tropiformer Jacket

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Tech clothing mega designer SCOTTEVEST has teamed up with uber geek shop ThinkGeek to create an exclusive jacket. The Tropiformer Jacket is made of super lightweight, soft breathable fabric that will be great for that trip to the tropics or warm summer months in Southern Indiana. It features 22 pockets, 5 colors and the ability to transform into a vest. There’s even a pocket large enough to hold an iPad. The Tropiformer comes in sizes Small – XXXL, is priced at $149.99 and is available now.

ThinkGeek is also holding a contest that will give you a chance to win a Tropiformer Jacket:

To celebrate the launch of the Tropiformer Jacket, ThinkGeek is kicking off the “Scottevest Travel Con-test.”  Announced on ThinkGeek’s blog, entrants guess the weight of all of the items that have been easily packed into a Tropiformer to enter to win the fully loaded jacket.  There’s no better way to kick off convention and travel season than to win everything you need.

5 thoughts on “SCOTTEVEST + ThinkGeek = Tropiformer Jacket”

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  2. I’d need a database to keep track of where I’ve put my stuff.

    I loose things already in my 6 pockets jacket !

  3. I can’t wait to see someone true to go through airport security wearing one… Please empty you pockets…. 🙂

  4. That’s the best part of our jackets–no need to empty your pockets! Just put your jacket in the security bin and slide it on through. Thanks for the great article and feature!

  5. I googled “wearable Faraday cage” because I am allergic to wifi–tachnically known as EMF Hypersensitivity. My options are to move (impossible at my age –93) or make a Faraday cage in my home. With your creativity could you make a wearable cage–something that drapes from the shoulders to the floor and protects from EMFs, perhaps round like an umbrella. Then something separate for the head. There are millions of us sufferers out here who need help. Actually, we need internal help. But meanwhile something outside the body would be a blessing.

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