Mohu introduces the Sky HDTV outdoor antenna

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We’ve had a few articles about products that help you “cut the cable” to your satellite TV or cable TV provider.  In addition to streaming media players, we’ve featured antennas that bring in free, over-the-air, uncompressed HDTV signals.  We even mentioned an earlier Mohu product, the Leaf indoor antenna, in a news post.  If you need a little more power and distance from an antenna, you should check out Mohu’s new Sky HDTV outdoor/attic antenna.  Based on technology developed for the military, the Sky antenna uses “CleanPeak™ filter technology provides low noise, state-of-the-art amplification.”  You simply mount it to your roof or in your attic; you don’t even have to worry about orientation for this multi-directional antenna.  Its digital amplifier is powered by a USB port or USB charger, and the Sky comes with a mounting kit and a 30-foot coax cable.  You should get a 60-mile range from this antenna, and you can even split the signal to multiple TVs in the same house.  The Sky is $169.99.

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