Octa’s Monkey Tail iPad stand is now available at BiteMyApple.co

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Remember the Octa TabletTail Vacuum Dock and Whale Tail stand (see related reviews)?  They have another TabletTail kit available, the MonkeyTail, and it’s available now at BiteMyApple.co.  (BiteMyApple.co only sells successfully-funded former Kickstarter projects that have made it into production.)  Just like the WhaleTail kit, the MonkeyTail and the vacuum dock work with most tablets.  The vacuum dock has a pump that creates a strong seal to the back of the tablet, and you just attach the tail kit to the dock.  The MonkeyTail is 36″ long, and it can be twisted into a tabletop stand.  It can also tuck between two surfaces, like the mattress and box spring or platform stand, or you can twist it around a post to create a hands-free stand wherever you need to use your iPad or other tablet.  The dock even works with cases and skins, so long as they are smooth and non-porous.  You can separate the tail from the dock for travel, and the TabletTail system is modular, so you can even switch out the MonkeyTail for the WhaleTail (or with other stands Octa may introduce in the future).  The TabletTail: MonkeyTail Kit is $99.99 at BiteMyApple.co.

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