Booq Bags Booqpad mini iPad mini case review

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The Booqpad mini iPad mini case from Booq Bags is the latest iPad mini case to show up on my door step.  This time it’s a folio style case complete with a notepad and pen holder. Let’s take it for a spin.

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This  case is available in two styles: Black leatherette and Grey jute. I was sent the Grey version which has a tweed appearance.  The Booqpad mini is a play-through case with a non-padded but rigid front and back cover. The cover is held securely closed with a snap tab.


When you open the Booqpad, you will find a suede lined interior with a holster to hold the iPad mini on the left side and a notepad on the right side. A holster is not one of my personal favorite ways to hold a tablet in a case. I’d much rather have a non-bulky plastic tray that the iPad mini can snap into like some of the other cases we’ve recently reviewed (see related links at the bottom).


The mini slides into the holster with minimal wrestling required. Once seated, the pen holder tab slides under the mini.


The pen loop can hold larger diameter pens like the one shown here.


I don’t find holster style holders to be very attractive, but this one does line up well enough that the main cutout does not restrict access to the touch screen.


The home button is accessible along with the front facing camera, earphone jack, volume buttons, sync/charge connector and power button. The only feature that is not accessible is the rear camera.


Located under the 50 page unlined notepad are 2 card slots that can each hold several cards.


The cover doesn’t fold flat under the mini, but you can use it as a pseudo stand if you need to angle the screen for typing or viewing.


The Booq Bags Booqpad mini is not fancy or flashy. Some will say it’s boring due to its utilitarian style and function. Folio style cases are obviously bulkier than cases which don’t include a holster and/or a notepad. So you have to ask yourself if the added bulk is worth it to you. If the answer is yes, then the Booqpad mini might be your next iPad mini case.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Booq Bags
  • Apple iPad mini
  • Combines a notebook and tablet case
  • Pen holder
  • Holster instead of a snap-in tray
  • Rear camera covered

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