TalkingTILES gives everyone a chance to speak

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Last fall, I told you how one of my family members was using an iPad and some apps as he recovered from a stroke.  There are a lot of people, like George, who are non-verbal or speech-impaired due to a neurological disorder or brain trauma.  There have been many approaches to helping them communicate, and TalkingTILES from Mozzaz is using mobile technology to give these people a voice.  TalkingTILES was developed in conjunction with researchers, practitioners, and families, and this application is available for iOS and Android now and soon for Microsoft Windows 8 and BlackBerry.  The app allows the user to express thoughts and needs, and its speech pages can be programmed remotely by the therapist.  There’s access to a Cloud-based  “library of more than 50,000 symbols and words in over 30 different languages, accents and voices.”  The app is free to professionals, and there are subscription-based plans for clients.  Go to the TalkingTILES web page to learn how it can impact the life of someone you know, and download a free trial of TalkingTILES.

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  2. Hey, Bob! It does look good, but I wonder how much you have to pay to get access to the libraries? It’s all free for the therapist, and hopefully it’s affordable for the people whose lives could be improved by it.

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