Keep data roaming charges under control with Globalgig

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The Globalgig mobile hotspot, just announced by Voiamo, is the solution to outrageous data charges when you travel.  You purchase the Globalgig hotspot for $119, choose a data plan, and you’ll be able to use your data while at home or while traveling to other specific countries for no extra charges.  When you travel to (or live in) the USA, UK, or Australia, your Globalgig hotspot connects to a local network (Sprint, Three, or Optus, respectively) so you can check mail, get directions, surf, etc. on up to five connected devices simultaneously.  Data plans currently available are $25 for 1GB, $39 for 3GB, and $49 for 5GB, and you’ll get emails to alert you when you’ve used 50%, 85%, and 100% of your monthly data allotment.  You’ll never again have to come home to a data bill that costs as much as your plane ticket.

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  2. This is a great idea but I’m not sure why they are selling monthly plans. I want the data when I am travelling and not when I am at home so I would like 10 GB for 12 months or something similar.

    Good to see some pressure on the massive rip-off which is international roaming data rates.

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