Look up in the air, it’s SoundFly!

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JBL Soundfly 1

Maybe the JBL SoundFly is appropriately named. With Apple’s AirPlay technology, sound kinda flies from your iDevice to the speaker. There’s no wires, so how else is it going to get there?

Now that Apple has nixed the 30-pin dock, it’s a given that AirPlay wireless speakers will only become more popular. New speakers seem to be cropping up daily, so the choices this holiday season should fit just about any taste and budget. The Soundfly is JBL’s third AirPlay speaker and it’s – dare I say – cute with its black grill on white enclosure. But it also takes full advantage of AirPlay’s potential.

JBL Soundfly 2

The SoundFly is petite, which makes it easy to hide, and it conveniently plugs directly into the wall. Plus, you can sync up to four speakers, which let’s you fill the house with music without speakers cluttering up the place. JBL provides a free iOS app for complete control.

The SoundFly has 20 watts of power as well as optimized equalization using digital signal processing (DSP), which helps the speaker sound larger than it really is. Plus, the SoundFly incorporates optimized compression technology (OCT), which JBL claims to keep distortion low even at higher volume levels.

Look for a full review of the SoundFly soon. Right now it’s available for pre-order from JBL for $199 with free shipping.

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