Scosche introduces a line of Lightning cables and chargers

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If you bought any of the updated iOS devices released by Apple recently, you know that they all use the new Lightning connector.  Scosche has just introduced a line of cables that will work with the new iPod nano or touch, the iPhone 5, the iPad mini, and the iPad with Retina display, and you’ll find these are a bit more versatile than Apple’s versions.  They have a 3-ft retractable USB cable that has both microUSB and Lightning connectors for $29.99, and you’ll supply your own charger.  They have car chargers and AC chargers that can supply 12W of power, just like the newest Apple charger for iPads and iPad mini.  Some of these chargers have attached Lightning cables, others have 1 or 2 USB ports and come with a Lightning or Lighting/microUSB cable. The 12W chargers will quickly recharge either the big iPad or the mini version, and 12W are perfectly fine to use with iPhones and iPods, too.  There are 5W versions for some of the new Lightning chargers for those who don’t have a tablet.  Prices for these charger/cable sets vary from $29.99 to $49.99.  Go to the Scosche Lightning Cable/Lightning Charger page for more details.

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