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3D printing is becoming cheaper and much more accessible these days.  We reported on small cardboard avatars of yourself recently, and  a Japanese company is going one step further with their 3D photo booth. Between  24 November 2012 and 14 January 2013 at EYE OF GYRE shopping centre in Harajuku, Omote 3D will be running a 3D photo booth.  Rather than your standard 2D photo, you’ll end up with a 3D model of yourself.   Pricing starts at ¥ 21,000 ($265) for a single person in 10cm minature going up to ¥ 42,000 ($530) for a 20cm figure.  Group discounts apply if you want that family “portrait” taken.

Not that cheap, but I’m sure with advances in 3D printing it will only get cheaper and more accessible, and it is something that’s pretty unique at the moment. If you’re lucky enough to be in Japan at the right time, you’ll need to book your sitting via their website.

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  2. Hi Ian,

    thanks for promoting 3D priniting. Omote 3 D has created a very nice product and it is good to see that the concept is developing in various parts of the world. We have developed TIM here in Dubai earlier this year our own product and have just been to the US at he IAAPA show to launch TIM internationally. TIM stands for This Is Me and we have developed also the TIMbust and TIMpic. Check us out and let us know what you think.



  3. Hey Lothar, thanks for posting here. Just had a good look around your site. Looks like the technology is progressing in huge leaps and bounds. How long before you can do the scan over the internet ? Not sure when I’ll get to Dubai 🙂

  4. hum… very interesting. 3D printing combined with a photobooth!!? pretty awesome! I wonder how long it takes to print. To make this efficient, you almost need a printer per figure it’s printing out, making quite an expensive startup. But as time goes by, tech gets cheaper. Japan is always 10 years of the world anyways… maybe we’ll be seeing this type of stuff at the next wedding.

    Thanks for sharing.


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