NanoBlimp takes your RC skills to the next level

If remote controlled helicopters, planes and cars no longer give you a thrill, you should check out the NanoBlimp from Plantraco. This tiny blimp kit comes with a standard party balloon and a gondola that has 3 motors/propellers that you can control for navigation. Also included is a two-stick proportional transmitter/charger and 10 latex balloons. You have to supply the 4 AA batteries for the transmitter and helium for the balloon. Unless you moonlight as a balloon animal making clown, you’ll probably need to get yourself a home-use helium tank. A quick check shows that you can buy non-refillable tanks from Walmart for $35. If you’re ready for blimp dog fights, you can purchase the NanoBlimp now for $49.99.

2 thoughts on “NanoBlimp takes your RC skills to the next level”

  1. Nanoblimp Dogfights are super fun!

    Setting up the product can require some intelligence by the end user, but these Nanoblimps are awesome actually.

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