Google Playground announcement – New Nexus, Nexi, Nexusssss?

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Even though Google had to cancel their New York Playground event due to Hurricane Sandy, they still released a number of new and improved products to the Google Nexus Store.

The Nexus 4 is a 4.7″, 1280X768 smartphone with a 320ppi screen and Gorilla Glass 2.  With a Qualcomm S4 quad core processor, it’s available in either 8GB ($299) or 16GB ($349) versions. It also comes with a high-performance 8MP camera capable of taking  360° panoramas and full 1080p video and is GSM/HSPA+ compatible.

The Nexus 7 remains the same hardware-wise, but the 8GB model has been dropped, the 16GB ($199) model has dropped in price and a new 32GB ($249) model including optional HSDPA+ ($299) has been introduced.

The Nexus 10 is a 10″ (suprised? 🙂 ),  2560 x 1600, Gorilla Glass 2 tablet with a 300ppi screen. With a dual core A15 processor, it’s available in 16GB ($399) or 32GB ($499).  It’s 8.9mm (.35″) thick and weighs 603 grams (21.3 oz).

All three devices run Android 4.2, still Jelly Bean, but with some major functionality changes.

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