BoxWave GeckoGrip Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Review

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I normally don’t use a case on my phone. But my latest phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) feels too plasticy (technical term, look it up) and slippery. I’ve been trying to find the thinnest back cover that adds grip without a lot of bulk. BoxWave offered to send me their GeckoGrip case, I accepted and have been using it for the past few days. Here are my thoughts.

Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size.

boxwave geckogrip 2

First of all, the inside of this snap on back cover can be used as a mirror due to its shiny chrome finish. It looks like polished metal, but it’s really just plastic.

boxwave geckogrip 3boxwave geckogrip 1

The GeckoGrip is available in 6 different colors. As you can see, I was sent the Blue version. The soft rubber material that covers the chrome  shell has a pebbled texture that really does provide excellent grip without having the annoying problem that most silicone cases do, which is attracting dust and lint.

The cover snaps easily and quickly on the back of the phone. It adds a bit of thickness, but otherwise has a minimal overall impact on the size of the SGS3.

boxwave geckogrip 5

There are precise cutouts for the camera lens, LED flash and speaker. This cover provides much needed protection for the camera lens, which sticks up from the back of the phone and is susceptible to scratches.

boxwave geckogrip 6

Instead of providing a narrow slot in the side of the case for the buttons, the GeckoGrip has a large open slot, which makes it really easy to find and use the volume button.

boxwave geckogrip 7

The top cutout for the microphone and headphone jack is designed the same way.

boxwave geckogrip 9

As is the power button opening.

boxwave geckogrip 8

And last but not least, the bottom cutout for the other microphone and USB port is also large and easy to access.

The good things about the BoxWave GeckoGrip case are great feel in hand, excellent grip, easy to put on and remove, and excellent port/button access. All those things make me really like this cover.

boxwave geckogrip 10

But, there are two issues with this cover. One is that the rubbery covering can make it harder to slip the phone into you pocket because it will have more friction than the slick uncovered back. I’ve noticed this when I try to slip the phone into my side cargo pants pocket. It’s not a deal breaker, but I just wanted to mention it.

The other issue has to do with fit and finish. You’ll be able to see it if you click the image above to view the enlarged version. Look at the corners. See how the Blue rubberized material isn’t quite sticking to the curved areas? This is a real bummer for an otherwise nice little cover. I’m not sure if I just happened to be sent a “bad” GeckoGrip, or if they are all like this. Using my fingernail, I am able to press the material down again as it uses adhesive. But within a few seconds or so, it lifts back up again. I sent my contact at BoxWave an email to ask about it this issue, but have not heard anything back yet. I’ll update the review if/when I do.

Although I like the BoxWave GeckoGrip, the two issues mentioned above have me continuing my search for better back cover for my Samsung Galaxy S3.


Product Information

  • Provides better grip
  • Easy to put on / take off
  • Doesn't add a lot of bulk
  • Excellent button / port access
  • Corners not sticking
  • Rubber covering makes slipping phone into pocket a little difficult

18 thoughts on “BoxWave GeckoGrip Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Review”

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  2. Sounds like you might like the Elago Slim Fit series of cases. They have one for the Galaxy S3. You would want to try one of their “soft-feeling” colors.

  3. hey, any news on the rubber coating not sticking? this is a great looking case. not much lip on the top to protect the screen if landing face down, but that might be okay.

  4. I’d like to hear how you like the Elago case. I ordered a pair for my wife and I and they’re really quite nice (iPhone 5s).

    1. @Kismet / HungAD I can do a quick review of the Elago case later, but the long and short of it is that I like it except that it has narrow slots for the volume and power button instead of large openings like the BoxWave. I might mod it myself to make it more like the BoxWave.

  5. Yeesh, that’s a bummer. I really don’t like having to mod cases designed specifically for a device. No obstructions on the iPhones but I guess the S3 attaches differently.

  6. Using the “Samsung Galaxy S3 Case-Mate POP! 2 Kickstand Case” and it provides lens protection and grippy sides, plus a kickstand that works horizontally or vertically. Check it out.

  7. i love my S3 but i to have found issues with the light plastic feel…..i have a silicon case on it at the moment just for the shock absorbing effect and to protect the back from scrapes and the odd accidental placement on a damp bar/table.

    it would be grate to see a few more reviews of S3 accessories all i seem to see on various sites are reviews of i-phone stuff.

    grate review.

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