TurtleJacket Turns Your Samsung Galaxy Note into a DSLR (Sorta)

Earlier this Spring we told you about the TurtleJacket iPhone accessory from Turtleback, which turns the phone into a psuedo DSLR. Turtleback is now offering a similar accessory for the Samsung Galaxy Note Android phone/tablet hybrid. This version of the TurtleJacket is made of Aluminium and features a tripod mount, a pair of strap holders and a 37mm conversion lens mount. This is is a limited edition accessory which is priced at $247 and comes with a 37mm UV filter, 2.0 x 37mm High Definition Professional Telephoto lens, Turtleback W0.45 X 37mm High Definition Professional Wide lens and a X0.33 170° Mini FishEye Lens & Stepdown Ring for TurtleJacket.

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