First there were ears, now there’s a tail. What’s next?

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shippo tail 9

Last year Jackie told us about Necomimi, a pair of robotic cat ears that move in response to your brain waves. Now you can don a tail to complete your transition into a cat. Say what? I’m not making this up folks… Neurowear will soon be offering the Shippo, which is a motorized tail that uses a clip on heart rate monitor and a electroencephalograph (EEG) headset to interpret your mood. When you’re relaxed and happy, Shippo will wag slowly, but when you’re anxious or excited, it will wag faster. And what would an mood controlled motorized cat tail be without geotagging and smartphone sharing capability? It would be lame, that’s what. If I’m going to wear a fuzzy white tail, I better be able to let other tail wearing kooks friends find me. There’s no details on pricing for the Shippo tail, but you better start saving.

[Via Gizmag]

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