xWallDock Charger – The Next Step in Outlet Evolution

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This is a Kickstarter project.  We’ve shown you several wall outlet gadgets that hold your device up off the counter or floor while it charges.  Usually, these are separate from the outlet itself, so you have another piece to keep up with.  The xWallDock Charger replaces the standard outlet cover with one with a built-in shelf/dock for charging your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.  The developer says “xWallDock is designed to have an insert which will house the circuit board and match the device it is intended to charge. At this point we have it designed for the Apple products. Other device accommodations such as Android phones will take place at a later date. Don’t worry about Apple’s new docking cable format, because they have also announced plans to have a model for the iPhone 5 early next spring.  The xWallDock will be available in a single or double outlet configuration, with rounded or square outlet openings.  You’ll receive a single-outlet model and the short USB connector cable for an early bird pledge of $15.  If you don’t have an Apple device, a pledge of $5 gets you on the waiting list to purchase the non-Apple version when it’s introduced later.  At the time of writing, there are 23 days left in the funding period.

3 thoughts on “xWallDock Charger – The Next Step in Outlet Evolution”

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  2. Yeah, but at $15 it’s cheap. A little more that $0.50 a month if you use it for 2 years. I’d consider this for a counter top high outlet in my kitchen or office. It’s cleaner looking and cheaper than most desk top docks.

  3. It looks a little precarious to me. Bump into it, brush by it, have the wall shake a little by someone knocking into the otherside of it, and down comes “the Precious”, bursting into a thousand shiny pieces or plob into the kitchen sink. it looks as if the tablet / phone is just resting on a tiny shelf.

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