Roku Announces Availability of the Roku Streaming Stick

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roku streaming stickEarlier this year, Roku announced that there would be a series of smart TVs that were Roku-ready and that would work with a tiny Roku Streaming Stick.  This Stick would plug into a MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) port on the back of the TV and would replace the traditional Roku box.   The Streaming Stick has built-in WiFi and a processor, and you only need to plug it into the TV and connect it to the network to have access to all the Roku features and programming.  You won’t even need to keep up with a separate remote, as the Streaming Stick is controlled by the TV’s remote.  The Streaming Stick will be available for purchase this fall for about $100, and some Roku-ready TVs may include it with purchase.  Check the Streaming Stick link above for a list of Roku-ready smart TVs.

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