Car•go Handbag Hook Review

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I am definitely one of those people who just throws my bag onto the seat next to me in my car and then acts shocked when it goes flying off at any sharp turn or stop.  It’s also a well-known fact that if I’m transporting take out and if there’s a liquid, it’ll end up spilled out in the bag or my back seat.  When I was given an opportunity to review an item that could potentially help with both these shortcomings of mine, I eagerly jumped on board.

Car•go Handbag Hooks were designed to combat a purse, briefcase, or any bag from taking a header onto the floor.

DSC 0010 copyWait. . .purse. . .hook?

The Car•go hook is a decorative hook with a carabiner clip that attaches to the headrest of your car.  It’s roughly ten inches long from the top of the clip to the bottom of the hook and three and a half inches at its widest point.  The hook has a depth of about an inch and a half–wide enough for a purse strap and then some.

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Installation is as simple as snapping the clip around the metal pole of the passenger side headrest.  Which brings us to the only requirement of the Car•go hook–you need to have a car with adjustable headrests.  A car with bucket-style seats isn’t compatible with the present line of available hooks.

As far as placement, the hook can sit on the front of the seat or the back.  It’s a polished smooth metal surface (a mixture of steel and alloy) and shouldn’t damage the leather, vinyl, or fabric of the car’s interior.

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The current design is a crown with decorative jewels running along the length of the metal.  It’s definitely on the feminine side, though a more masculine version is in the works, according to the manufacturer’s website.

What’s cool about the company is that they also offer the option to craft custom hooks with a company logo, branding, custom colors, etc.  I could see this getting a lot of use as bridal/wedding shower gifts or company-issued supplies for visiting nurses or drug reps–anyone who has a laptop bag and needs to travel on behalf of their company.

And while a “purse hook” might sound a little silly and excessive, it actually works wonderfully and gives a cleaner look to the car.  After several hours of driving, even Morgan-style with high speeds and sudden stops, my bag was still in place.

DSC 0036DSC 0001The only slight con I found is that, in my car at least, even shorter purses would rest on the actual seat instead of hang.  The hook just ends up acting as a stabilizer in this position.  There isn’t a way to adjust the length, it’s set at ten inches.  For my purposes, it worked much better on the rear of the seat (as well as protected my “tough girl” cred).

Though I did find an interesting use for a hook in the front.

DSC 0020

For quick car trips like to the dog park, it kept my dog’s leash up, out of her way, and tangle-free.

DSC 0035The other helpful use to me, like the aforementioned takeout food, was holding shopping bags.  The hook is able to hold up to fifteen pounds–perfect for a trip to Bath and Body for soap and candles.  The bag above has four large candles, six hand soaps, sanitizers, wall plug-ins – very heavy and fragile.

Now I’m not really much of a purse person, but I do carry a Timbuk2 messenger bag.  I do have to admit–it looked quite nice hanging up and not sprawled out all over my back seat.

DSC 0041I was a little skeptical over the usefulness not to mention practicality of a purse hook, but honestly after a few weeks of using it, it’s come in handy.  I’ve hung a grocery bag containing eggs on it to keep them from getting crushed, wet umbrellas, suit jackets, and yes even a purse or two.  Though I will say, I wish there were a few more available design options, as a bejeweled crown isn’t quite my style.  Even so, the Car•go hook has been a welcome addition to my car and would be a must for anyone wanting to keep their vehicle tidy.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Cargo Handbag Hooks
  • Car with adjustable headrest
  • Does exactly what is says--keeps bag(s) off the floor
  • Car needs to have adjustable headrests
  • Current no male/masculine/less-jeweled hook design option

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  2. Thank you for the write up Morgan! Any you’ll be pleased to know that the second design that is in currently under development is probably much more up your alley – it will be an oil-rubbed bronze medallion that is much more casual, with no bling and will sport a distressed brown leather strap :). Stay tuned …

  3. I do something similar in my car, but cheaper, stronger, and more effective. I use a climbing carabiner and quickdraw.
    like this:

    take one carabiner off, and attach the free loop to the headrest. Then, the carabiner hangs down, which you can use to hold anything from your purse to grocery bags.

    The thing that makes it better than this hook is that if someone sits in the front seat, it doesn’t poke them in the back, because it lies flat. Oh, and it’s less than $15.

    1. A carabiner seems like a clumsy and work intensive solution, especially if the hook will be facing the rear of the car. A hook is perfect – quick and easy. When I arrive at my location, I just want to grab my purse with one hand and go.

  4. @Cari: Thank you for the update! The new hook definitely sounds more like me 😉

    @Brian: Great suggestion! Though I do want to clarify that the Cargo Hook can be rotated to lay against the back of the passenger seat for when there are passengers, as shown in the Timbuk2 and Bath & Body photos above.

  5. @Mona: I submitted that question to Cargo last month and finally heard back. To summarize–it sounds like they’re temporarily suspending operations and are looking to possibly relaunch in 2014.

  6. These cargo handbag hooks look great. However, the website does not work. Are they not available any longer?

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