ReadyCap Keeps Your Camera Lens Cap Handy

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readycapThe lowly lens cap a has a big job: protect your camera’s expensive lens from dust, dirt, smudges, rain, beer and so forth and so on.  You diligently keep it attached until you are ready to start snapping the big shots, but then what do you do with it? Stuff it into your pocket, toss it into your bag or leave it behind somewhere? ReadyCap aims to fix this. Designed and made in northern California, this patented system clips to your camera strap (or anything else with a strap, like purse, backpack or belt) and features a spot to attach your pinch-type lens cap. It also includes metal threads to allow filters to be attached. The ReadyCap System consists of a Base and one Adapter Ring in your choice of size. The 58mm System is $14.95, all other sizes (28-82mm) are $15.99.  Also available are separate Adapter Rings for $3.99 each. This thing would have come in really handy on our recent family vacation out west.

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