NOTEBLOX Magnetic Notebooks

This is a Kickstarter project.  NOTEBLOX look like typical bound notebooks, but they have a difference: magnets are buried in the bindings.  These magnets can be used for a variety of purposes, like simply holding the notebooks together in a neat block or holding a pen or stylus to the front cover.  Magnets in the back cover can even hold your newer iPad inside the back, so your pen-and-paper notebook also acts as an iPad cover.  An early-bird pledge of $15 gets you one notebook; the pledge will be $20 after the last few early bird slots are gone.  There are similar early-bird specials for multiple notebooks.

Thanks to Anson for bringing this to our attention.

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3 thoughts on “NOTEBLOX Magnetic Notebooks”

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  2. I wonder if the magnets are powerful enough to wipe any magnetic strips on credit cards. If so, these notebooks shouldn’t be put in a bag near a wallet.

  3. Not the most elegant of solutions- but a awesomely simple and functionally designed way of combining 2 items i use on a daily basis. Now if only Noteblox contained micro-perfed pages 😉

  4. Coworker came in while watching the video because “I thought you were watching PORN at work”…. Thanks

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