Titanium + Pen + Stylus = I Want

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Chadwick Parker and Joe Huang’s Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus Kickstarter project has 6 days of funding left. They aren’t worried though, because they have bypassed their $50,000 goal to over $254,000.  What’s so exciting about this pen? Other than the fact that it’s available in 3 finishes and made of solid TA4 Grade 4 titanium from clip to tip, it’s compatible with over 30 different pen refills. Got a favorite? It’s probably compatible with it. It even features a replaceable capacitive stylus tip. Want one? Then you better hurry. You have 6 days left to pledge $65. That will get you one pen, shipped free world wide. You even get to choose the color.

7 thoughts on “Titanium + Pen + Stylus = I Want”

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  2. I pledged for 1 pen, but I did not see where to pick which one. If possible, send the chrome one. I placed order through Amazon.
    Bruce Kenmir

  3. @Fisher Fan – I have two Fisher Space Pens (chrome and matte black) and I love the small size and feel of them. But I don’t see what everyone seems to like about the ink cartridge. The ink is blotchy and does not dispense smoothly, especially when first placing it on the page to write. I’ve read that this is because of the pressurized design–the ink had to be made thicker in order to prevent leakage–but I’ve not verified this. I’ve also read that the fine point cartridges are not as bad as the medium, but I’ve yet to try a Fine.

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