Spiff Up Your Starship: Star Wars Family Decals

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starwarsfamilymembercarstickersBy now most of us have seen the little stickers on the backs of minivans.  They uusally depict a series of cartoony figures of dad, mom, kids and sometimes pets in descending height order.  Sure, they’re cute and all, but maybe a bit ho-hum.  How about showing off your Star Wars fanboy/fangirl-ness with a set of Star Wars Family Member Car Stickers?  These are all white die-cut decals available to order in four categories: Dads and Moms ($4.75), Kids ($3.75) and Pets ($2.75) in a variety of Star Wars character likenesses.  Also available for Indiana Jones and Twilight fans.  Slap some of these little babies on your skyhopper—green with envy, your moisture farmer neighbors will be.

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