“This shark, swallow you whole.”

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Ask any movie buff to list their ten favorite movies, and chances are Jaws will be in there somewhere along with Star Wars.  And while there’s been no shortage of movie tie-ins for the latter, aside from some t-shirts and a very awesome action figure, the Jaws fan doesn’t have many opportunities to flaunt the shark swag.  However, that shortcoming is now a thing of the past thanks to ThinkGeek.  As a follow up to the popular April Fools gag turned actual product the Tauntaun sleeping bag, there is now the “Chumbuddy” sleeping bag.

Part stuffed animal, part sleeping bag, the shark measures 7 feet long with an internal cavity length a little over six feet–big enough for even taller adults.  And while you’re terrifying the kiddies with the idea of being swallowed by a shark, why not also harass the pets?  ThinkGeek also actually carries a very similar pet bed version.  I kinda love the morbid humor of ThinkGeek at times.

The Chumbuddy is available for $200 and the pet beds range from $70-$90.

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