Precision Pocket Card Carrier for iPhone 4/4S

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Easily add a card wallet to the back of your iPhone 4/4S with the Precision Pocket Card Carrier from KILLSPENCER.  The Pocket is made by two craftsmen in KILLSPENCER’s LA workshop from premium, locally-sourced rosewood and Alcantara Suede.  It adheres to the back of the iPhone with special removable industrial adhesive.  The wallet portion is “specifically designed to carry up to 3 cards – 1 license, 1 credit card, and 1 debit card in the most minimal structure we could imagine.”  Inside the pocket, a “finely tuned Flat Spring Card Lock mechanism ensures that no cards will fall out.”  The Precision Pocket is $89.00.  There’s also an optional front Veil to cover the bezel area.

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