Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet – The Rest of the World gets ICS

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Lenovo has started pushing Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3) out to Lenovo Thinkpad Tablets using the Rest Of the World (ROW) and Japanese (JP) image.  Implementation seems to be good, and it seems to be stable and faster than Honeycomb.  If you have an ROW Tablet and you haven’t got the update yet, you can go to Settings->About Tablet->System Updates.  If that fails you can download the image from Lenovo’s download site. Using Rootkeeper you can also keep root if required, though it does involve changing a few files and partitions back to the “standard” configurations before upgrading if you’ve installed CWM.

The US update is set for June 26, “with the possibility of being released earlier or delayed” (nothing like hedging your bets :)), and fixes to the WE and UK images are due June 29.

5 thoughts on “Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet – The Rest of the World gets ICS”

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  2. @Ian – You’ve been using your Thinkpad Tablet for awhile now. How do you like it still? Do you STILL use it for productivity or did it just end up being an entertainment device?

    1. @Jackie – Yes I still love my Thinkpad Tablet. I’m not a big game player or movie watcher (though it does get used for that once and a while). It’s primary use is still output, like checking my newsfeeds for articles that might be useful for The Gadgeteer or surfing the Web or Facebooking in fact I don’t use my notebook that much these days. When however I need to go outside output, to me the active stylus, full size SDCard and USB ports are still the biggest advantages of this tablet over others. Quill is still used to take notes almost every day and I’m still finding uses for it as well like my latest article on mobile blogging. But note that as mentioned in my blogging article there is limitations on what you can create on it. A Gadgeteer review with lot’s of pictures with different justifications just wouldn’t be possible.

      It’s not the newest, it hasn’t got the latest hardware, it’s not the lightest or slimmest unit around but if you offered me the latest and greatest tablet as a replacement I’d have to be given a good reason to swap. If there was one thing I’d really like it would be a better screen for photos. I do suspect though that this might be the last update we see from Lenovo on this model as they move in to new Android and Windows 8 tablets.

      (Is playing Draw Something against Julie counted as productivity? 🙂 )

  3. When Lenovo decides to make a productivity device T/X/W series of their Thinkpads and some of their tablets they really do a nice job.
    I know they’re not flashy Air’s or Ultrabooks, but they’re devices that make great work machines.
    I’m hoping that they’ll be making a Windows 8 tablet at sometime.

  4. @Andy, yep, looks like they kept to the release date which is good 🙂 Should pump down as an OTA or you can use the same download link above and look for the US image 🙂

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