Explore the Kia Rio and Hollywood as You Watch the Zip and Dash Scavenger Hunt

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The Kia Rio is a sporty, economical car (check out the Rio Explorer Page). And as shown in the Zip and Dash to LA with Christina Milian Scavenger Hunt, you’ll see that the Rio is also loaded with useful, tech-friendly features. Watch the video to see two couples race around LA looking for clues as they compete for a chance to meet Christina Milian. Enjoying the beautiful scenery was nice, but being the gadget lover that I am, I most liked learning about the UVO Technology functions that provided the contestants with their clues.

The scavenger hunt had the couples visiting several iconic landmarks as they raced to meet Ms. Milian. First up was a trivia contest at the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, where Walt Disney used to take his own kids before he designed Disneyland. Next, they used the Rio’s backup camera to discover their clue to their second location: Amoeba Records, where visitors can find rare vinyl, CDs, tapes and music memorabilia, and even catch a live show, and where our contestants had to find a hidden Christina Milian CD. The next challenge was to go to Rodeo Drive and count palm trees; they used the Rio’s built-in USB port to play an MP3 file to discover the third clue. The Rio’s built-in Bluetooth allowed them to call a number to learn their fourth challenge was to go enjoy a meal at Pink’s Hot Dogs, an L.A. favorite serving hot dogs named after Hollywood celebrities. Their final clue was hidden in the Kia Rio’s trunk, which lead them to the Roosevelt Hotel, located in the middle of Hollywood Blvd, rich with Hollywood history, and home to the best parties in L.A. And of course, the Rio’s navigation system helped them find their way to each of these locations.

Clues for the Zip and Dash to LA scavenger hunt relied on the voice-activated UVO system, powered by Microsoft. With Microsoft’s advanced speech technology, you can teach UVO to understand the way you speak, so you’ll be able to easily use your Bluetooth phone or MP3 player without ever taking your hands from the wheel or your eyes from the road. With UVO, you’ll even be able to stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled phone, by simply telling UVO what you want to hear! UVO offers more functions, like a color touch screen, HD radio, even a rear-view camera.

Watch the above video to learn more about the Kia Rio and enjoy the scenery in LA. I loved seeing the merry-go-round that inspired Walt Disney, and my favorite UVO function was the rear-view camera. (Any vertically-challenged readers will understand how difficult it can be for someone as short as I am to see well enough to back up a car!) I think the Amoeba Records challenge would be the most difficult, because I’d be distracted from my task by the hopes of finding some rare Peter Gabriel or Queen item somewhere in their inventory. What’s your favorite LA landmark? Which UVO function would you find most useful?

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