Monaco’s royalty loves Monster headphones and now you win a pair of your own

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In the image above, Prince and Princess of Monaco are sporting Monster headphones. Prince Albert has a pair of Inspirations and the Princess is trying the Diamond Tears. Monster recently attended the Monaco Grand Prix, one of most prestigious car races, showcasing their Diesel VEKTR, Inspiration, and Diamond Tears headphones. The Diesel VEKTR’s are on-ear headphones that blend comfort, fashion and sound. The Inspiration headphones are Monster’s first over-ear, noise canceling headphones that are perfect for travelers and provide customization with interchangeable headbands. The Diamond Tears are another over-ear model that provides outstanding audio while making a fashion statement. They even have an integrated high-grade microphone and answer button. These headphones have been engineered by acclaimed audio expert Noel Lee who is famous for the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Monster is releasing the Inspiration and Diamond Tears headphones in July. But you have a chance to win a pair of Diesel VEKTR headphones right now. Press release and full contest details after the jump.

If you’d like to read the press release about these headphones, check here.

Contest Details


One pair of Diesel VEKTR headphones worth $279.95

(check this review for more details)

How to enter (read carefully, if you don’t follow the instructions, your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and Tuesday 06/12/2012 11:59PM EST leave a comment to this post answering this question:

What device do you use to listen to your favorite music? Phone? Dedicated MP3 player? Tell us all about it.

2. At some point on 06/13/2012, 1 random winner will be chosen. The winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hrs to accept their prize. If I do not receive an answer within that time frame, I’ll do other drawings till the prize is claimed.


1. Only one entry per person.

2. Contest is not open to anyone affiliated with The Gadgeteer.

3. Winner must have a US shipping address (sorry, this isn’t my decision…)

4. is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Monster for the  sponsoring this contest!

Update 6/13/12: The winner is comment #3: Lynn. Congrats Lynn and thanks to everyone that entered!

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  2. I usually listen to my music using my 2nd gen iPod Touch. It’s about time I get a new one but I’m too cheap. Sounds great in my car using the Harman-Kardon Drive+Play with a mix of Kicker and Alpine speakers and a 10″ sub.

  3. I use my iPhone 4 for the most part. It’s my phone AND my mp3 player so I’m not stuck carrying around 2 devices. I also use my laptop and an iPod shuffle for when I’m out on a run.

  4. I listen to music on two devices, mainly my LG quantum windows phone, and my Samsung Galaxy tab. I prefer the windows phone as I have been using the zune software. These will work mainly on my Win phone as I work, or when I am travelling.


  5. Wow, I don not listen to much music at the moment I usually listen to podcasts. But I listen on my PSP (because the remote control makes it easier) or my Ipod 60GB v5.

  6. I listen to my music on My Iphone… I have all my music downloaded to itunes and also use pandora and grooveshark, I am always groovin out on my morning commute in New York City…

  7. I would love to use a set of Diesel’s with my MP3. Since a major illness a year ago Dr. says hit the gym a lot so I live with my MP3. To have the sound quality you offer would be the ultimate pleasure while I strive to stay alive.

  8. I listen almost exclusively from my iPhone 4 through a Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset (LG Tone – HBS-700).

  9. I have finally converted completely over to using my iPhone to listen to all things digital: music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

  10. I don’t own a smartphone so I use a iPod Shuffle as my go to player. Otherwise I listen to music on my computer.

  11. I use my cell phone to listen to music since I always have it with me! I keep an collection of my favorite inspiration music on it for those moments on the go where inspiration is a must!

  12. I usually use my iPhone, be it with onboard storage or streaming music with spotify. And it’s always on me so I always have all my music right there. I love it and a new set of headphones would be WONDERFUL.

  13. i listen to music from either my iPhone4, or one of my iPods. (i’ve owned 1 of every generation since the original scroll-wheel)

  14. I listen on my Windows Phone streaming with SlackerRadio or at times my MP3 downloaded to the phone.

  15. My primary source of music is Pandora on my Sprint Galaxy Nexus (and several other phones before it). I usually pipe it into my car via RIM’s Bluetooth Audio Gateway (the original version) or through a collection of nameless earbuds.

    Recently I picked up a Jawbone Era and have been rocking it transistor style. Not the best fidelity but it downs out the voices…

  16. Currently listen to music and audiobooks on iTouch – earbuds when walking, via stereo at home and office, fm transmitter in the car. Soon will also be listening on my new iPad so new headphones would be a great accessory for that ;>)

  17. Usually my iPhone 3gs either via tape-interface to car or through a Bose radio in the house.

  18. Most of the time I am using my Android phone when I am out and about, otherwise the music come from my computer!

  19. I listen to music on my Android phone. I like the idea of a single device which can give me access to everyone and everything. Flying a lot makes noise cancelling a must.

  20. I usually use my Bluetooth Zonda. Got it on a sale site for next to nothing! It looks neat & fits my ears quite well. Serves me well as I grow old (70 yrs young & loving life). Always look forward to reading your newsletter.

  21. iPhone. Trying to get an headphone amp but for now I have to use the phone. Not the best source to listen to hifi music but it’s decent enough.

  22. I use my iPad and Spotify for most of my music listening, also my palm pre. For when I really want to listen to music with quality sound I use my Samsung P3.

  23. I usually listen on my laptop at work. I’m in a room with 5 other folks developing iPhone and Android apps. Needless to say, I’m in desperate need of some awesome over-the-ear headphones. I’ve been through two sets of in-ear, but they just never seem to fully immerse me in the music and allow me to focus on my work. These Monster headphones look like they would do the job VERY nicely!

  24. I use multiple devices to listen to my music. I use my Droid X for the most part, but I also have an apple IPOD touch, and a two different sensa devices. My wfie thinks I’m a headphone hog. I love headphones, including some that I have made custom ear molds for adapting to my ears. I think monster has a great product and would feel proud to own and use a great pair!

  25. I listen at work on my MacBook Pro. I share an office with a guy who has nice, over ear headphones and likes to “whisper sing” the words to his rap music while smacking his gum and tapping his foot all day. The in-ears I have now just hurt or fall out all day, no matter which tips I use. The Monster headphones would be great and could save some sanity!

  26. My primary device for listening to music/podcasts is my iPhone 4. I don’t leave home w/out it.

  27. Absolutely love to listen to my music through headphones on my home amplifier in the living room. I like uncompressed music when possible on my computer and I have a nice amplifier attached to my Mac as well. On my iPhone 4S I always use headphones for my mp3’s stored on it. I’m always on the look-out for a great pair of headphones that are clear and responsive and audiophile quality at a reasonable price. Love the reviews here at Gadgeteer in my quest for great audio and computer gear.

  28. My main sorce of music is played with my iPhone. Several sources including the new and extremely awesome Songza; also my music collection at home stored on a Synology NAS.

    Thank you for the contest and opportunity to win!!

  29. i listen either on my iPad, iPod Touch 1st gen, or on a cheap turntable i got locally for some classic hits.

  30. On a typical day I’ll use my iPod touch along with my Asus netbook and my aging G4 Mac to listen to music.

  31. My favorite way is my iPad2 which just so happens to be my favorite gadget of all time. If they would just add flash to it, you would never need anything else. The sound is basic; so, it would be nice while you’re on the go – let’s say as a passenger in your mode of transportation – to enrich the sound via great headphones. Thank you for this chance. It’s fun.

  32. I listen to music on my ipod touch because if im really into a song i dont want to hear ringing beacause someone is calling me.

  33. I listen to my music from multiple sources: I have one setup for home and one for when I’m on the go. My home setup consists of Audioengine A5 speakers and Polk PSW-10 subwoofer hooked into my HTPC. My mobile is basically my HTC Rezound which does not have service. I essentially use it as a PMP. I installed a custom ROM which allows the use of beats audio on any application which is great. If I were to win these headphones, I would primarily listen to them on the Rezound. I’ll sometimes switch to my old Sansa Clip which has an awesome DAC and is more portable.

  34. I listen to my iPod Classic and hear everything from Creem to Halestorm to Beethoven. I also use them when recording my podcast or recording and mixing music.

  35. Honestly since I always have my iPhone on hand I listen to all of my music on it. Great headphones!

  36. Without a doubt, my iPod Touch as it’s most portable. I’m not sure why I don’t more often use my iPhone for music. I guess, generally speaking, technology convergence is okay, but not yet fully where it needs to be for me. While I know my smart iPhone is not a single-purpose device, and it does a lot well, but I prefer a dedicated camera, and dedicated music devices, and single-vision eyeglasses. But, I will evolve. I cannot wait to win these speakers as I really like really great stereo speakers, and really like great headphones. Both are critical for music-created imagery.

  37. I use my Droid X. Mostly I will listen to music I have uploaded to Google Music, but I will also listen to music on Pandora, TuneIn Radio or Spotify.

  38. I usually listen to my music on a Classic Apple Ipod. At times that I am not carrying my ipod, I use my Apple Iphone 4S.

  39. Mostly on my iPhone 4s, but sometimes while using my iPad. Fingers crossed for this one as it would be great!

  40. I use my iphone for most of my music when running or working out. I’ve got a pair of Jaybird Freedom wireless headphones that work great. I also listen to my tunes throuh the car stereo when driving.

  41. my primary listening device is my ipod nano, however i do also listen on my ipad, and my iphone………

  42. My iPhone! I use it for everything and have it with me all the time. I use the headphones that came with the phone right now and I’m ready for a change!

  43. iPod classic. I don’t want listening to be distracted by other things. I listen to audio books as much as to music, it depends on what I’m doing, but a phone would just distract me from listening.

  44. I listen to music on my Droid RAZR Maxx. The music includes songs I have synced with iTunes along with music from Pandora and Slacker.

  45. I listen to music on my iPhone 4s but I also use headphones to watch Video onmy iPad. Would love a set of the noise canceling headphones.

  46. When I not listening to the lousy speakers on my HP Pavilion dm1, I am listening to lectures on my iPod Touch 3G using earbuds supplied by Apple.

    Well dang I love contests, never won one, but I love them all the same 🙂

    Pick me random computer thingy, pick me…….

  47. I listen to music with my iPod touch, iPad, and my imac at work. I would love to get some new headphones. Pick me! Pick me!

  48. I rip my music at the highest bit rate possible to a USB thumb drive which I play in my car. The backup for the thumb drive is my phone (which can also play through the car’s stereo).

  49. I use my iPod nano mainly to listen to music. It’s small, and so easy to carry around.

    Now those are some great headphones…that’s for the giveaway!!!

  50. I’ve used a Creative Zen Vision:M for over 8 years now. It’s greater than iPods, regardless of it’s bulkiness. It’s funny because everyone asks “Is that some super Asian iPod?” I take it everywhere I go and I don’t plan on converting to Apple anytime soon. Seriously though, 8 years and still working perfectly. Best investment of my life!

  51. Any music I keep goes onto my Android phone. It’s great for keeping all my personal jams!

  52. My main music library is still on my computer. I move playlists onto my iphone regularly and listen via that when I’m out.

  53. James Hintermeister

    I use my iPhone 4s. Working 12-hour shifts behind the wheel I would say my Jambox was an ideal wireless solution. With a job change I now find myself at the gym using the stock headphones.

  54. My iPhone 4S. Since I have to carry a separate phone for work, I don’t need 3 devices to carry….or I need a bandoleer…

  55. I use my IPOD Classic — having 160 GB to store music is what its all about for me. Allows me to store nearly my entire current collection without having to constantly shuffle things in and out.
    Newer Generations simply don’t have enough room for me.

  56. I plug my iPhone. To my Jeeps stereo system when I’m not walking around using it w/ my Star Wars headphones!

  57. I listen to music through my laptop and my cable subscription. Alot to choose from and a variety of genres.

  58. I listen to my music on my ipod or computer when working on term papers for my Ph.D. or working on my music (hobby). These would be great to actually have some nice ear cans to truly give me the sound that I’m looking for.

  59. I use my 2nd Generation Apple Ipod for all of my listening pleasures. I’ve had this iPod since I was a freshman in high school and through all the cracks, scratches, tears, and parties, it’s always been there for me. So sad that the screen is blanking out and I’ll have to replace it soon :’(

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