Reware Juice Bag Keeps Your Gadgets Charged While You Relax

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I’ve seen several bags that incorporate gadget chargers, but the Juice Bag Solar Beach Tote from Reware is probably the first one I’ve seen that’s not a laptop bag.  This solar bag fits right in with Reware’s line of eco-friendly bags and power solutions.  The Solar Beach Tote is made of biodegradable canvas, and it has cotton webbing handles and a Cordura® nylon water-resistant bottom.  It incorporates a 12″ X 12″ solar panel (power rating: 6.3W, 16.6V, 0.325A) on the front of the bag; you can remove the panel for stand-alone use or for easier bag cleaning.  There’s no battery; the panel has a universal CLA/car charger female socket that works with your device’s car charger to power up your device as you swelter relax in the sun.  The Juice Bag Solar Beach Tote is 19″ wide X 15″ tall X 11″ deep, and it has an interior pocket sized to hold a phone or small camera.  It’s $249.99.  Reware has other Juice Bags, including backpacks and messengers, ranging from $200 – $400.

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  2. Sounds great but who the heck can afford the $249? When is a company going to come up with something like this for the average geek without a fat wallet? At least if you get the knapsack version made by another company, that sells for $99.

  3. there is something called a pocket charger that you can charge with soaler energy but nice idea $400 bag that people would by to charge and protect there phone

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