iCache’s Geode Wallet for iPhone 4/4S

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Open your wallet and what do you see?  Stacks of cards right?  Ever wished you can trim all those cards down without cancelling any of them?  iCache’s Geode Wallet is the one “card” that will rule them all.  The Geode Wallet is actually an iPhone 4/4S case with a eink display on the back and a slide-out Geode card.  It also comes with a detachable card reader.  First you install the Geode app, put on the case and attach the card reader.  You can then add all your existing credit cards into the app using the card reader.  Also you can use the iPhone’s camera to detect those membership cards with barcodes on them.  Detach the card reader and you’re all set!  Next time you need to use a credit card, just select it and the app will program the Geode card with that card’s information.  And if you need a member barcode then just select it and it will display on the eink screen which can be read by all barcode scanners.  The Geode Wallet is priced at $199 direct.

7 thoughts on “iCache’s Geode Wallet for iPhone 4/4S”

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  2. So… you hand your VISA to the guy at the restaurant and he goes back and adds it to his Geode Wallet. How is this good?

  3. The Geode can not “clone” cards.
    Before a payment card is allowed on the Geode there are several security and validation steps that occur very quickly behind the scenes. Only the enrolled owner of the Geode can put his/her cards onto the Geode.

  4. I wonder how this will work with places that require the cashier to enter the last four digits of your card into the register as a double check.

  5. Burin Kantabutra

    How will the restaurant, etc. check the signature on the back of the credit card if the enrolled Geode owner doesn’t carry that credit card around w/ him/her?

  6. Who actually looks for a signature, and what real validation does it provide? No one, and none whatsoever. I haven’t signed a CC in over ten years. Possessor validation comes through secondary identification, such as a driver license. Bottom line, sigs are absolutely worthless (not to mention generally illegible, and rarely match the “full-size” version).

  7. @Tony you have the ability to place enter your CVV when you customizing your card in the set up process. The card’s virtual image is seen on your iPhone’s screen along with your CVV and card number. Theses can be presented to the cashier along with your swiping the card if necessary.
    @Burin the GeoCard has a space on the back like any other card that allows you to sign so your signature can be checked to your ID.
    More information can be found on our support page here; http://www.icache.com/support/
    Thanks, iCache

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