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Hello Gadgeteers! To show how much I appreciate all of you for visiting the site, I want to give one lucky reader a giant grab bag full of gadgets worth over $720! There’s something in the prize pack for just about everyone. There are iPhone accessories, smartphone accessories, iPad accessories, computer accessories, earbuds (2 different kind), and even some cool sunglasses that offer a heads up display for your workouts! Full prize info and how to enter after the jump. Don’t miss this one!


One of each item listed below for a total of 10 different items.

Opena: Opena iPhone 4 Case – Stylish iPhone 4 Case with a slide out bottle opener

  • Durable and Protective Polycarbonate Hard Case
  • Integrated slide out stainless steel bottle opener
  • Works with all iPhone 4 models
  • Colors include Black and White
  • Perfect companion for parties, BBQ’s and pretty much anytime you need a bottle opener
  • 1 year Warranty

Available at:
 $ 39.95

X-Doria: Widge for iPad  – A squishy iPad case that is fun for kids and protects the device from mishaps

  • Designed with children’s ergonomics in mind- fat corners are easy to grab and a carrying handle makes it easy to hold
  • Squishy and protective with two ergonomic stand angles
  • Rubberized surface allows for easy clean up from spills
  • Provides access to all ports while in case, including iPad’s rear facing camera
  • Available in Red

Available at:

USB Cell Drive: Cell Link – Portable backup battery, USB charger, micro SD card reader, and data transfer device

  • Cellink I (iPhone/Ipod devices) and Cellink U (micro USB mobile devices)
  • 600 mAh rechargeable back up battery restores and extends battery life for mobile devices
  • Provides USB charging capability for all mobile devices
  • Provides data storage using card reader, supporting general micro SD/SDHC memory cards
  • Supports data and media transfer between cell/smart phone and computer
  • Patented technology makes it the most complete mobile battery accessory available today

Available at:
 $ 54.95

iTwin – A ‘limitless’ USB device that enables users  to simply & safely access, edit & share files & media between any two computers anywhere in the world without the security and privacy risks of the cloud

  • Compatible and interchangeable with both Mac (Snow Leopard and Lion) and PC  (Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7)
  • Securely edit and share files –  the remote data can only be accessed if the you physically have the matching iTwin with you and the correct password
  • Edit remote files directly, with no additional copies created. No need to worry about version control
  • Using a disable code, if one half of the iTwin is lost or stolen it can be disabled remotely
  • New Features, fixes and enhancements are rolled out regularly and all the automatic updates are free
  • iTwin Multi functionality enables multiple users and workgroups to connect multiple iTwins to the same computer to remotely access, edit and share files without the headache associated with email, VPN or remote access software
  • Popular Science 2011 ‘Best of What’s New’, CES 2012 Design & Innovation Honoree, Red Dot 2011 Award Winner

Available at:,, and
Price: $99

Stem Innovation: iZON Remote Room Monitor – App-controlled video camera streams audio and video to iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, anywhere in the world

  • iZON is peace of mind, connecting you to the most important people, places and things in your life
  • It will watch and listen for you, alert you via push notifications when there is motion or noise and even record to a free, private YouTube account
  • Can be placed on any horizontal surface or mounted to a ceiling. It tilts and swivels easily on its unique magnetic base
  • Sets up in less than 10 minutes and doesn’t require a computer
  • Click for Demo Video

Available at: Best Buy, Apple Stores,

V-MODA: Remix Remote – Headphones with superior audio clarity, luxurious design and supreme ergonomics for your active lifestyle

  • Features V-MASQUE high-definition drivers for audio precision and powerful bass
  • Built in three-button remote with high-fidelity microphone for taking phone calls
  • Made with premium materials, including the redesigned V-MODA BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) ear tips for comfort
  • Includes detachable sport earhooks, deluxe black carrying pouch, and four pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes
  • Available in 4 colors: Nero, Blush, Chrome, Blush

Available at: V-Moda

Ten One Design: Fling mini – Tactile game controllers for iPhone, iPod touch and other smartphones enhances mobile gaming

  • Unique spiral design creates physical resistance to give gamers greater directional control
  • Works with any game with a directional pad, or virtual joystick, including Meteor Blitz, Super Mega Worm, Robokill and more
  • Suction cups allow simple attachment and detachment for spontaneous gaming sessions
  • Included microfiber bag is ideal for on-the-go storage and doubles as a screen cleaning cloth

Available at:
Price: $24.95 (2-pack)

Ten One Design: Fling – Tactile game controller for iPad offers ultimate control over any game with virtual joystick

  • Unique spiral design creates physical resistance to give gamers greater directional control
  • Works with any iPad game with a directional pad, or virtual joystick
  • Transparent and flexible design provides an unrestricted view of all on-screen action
  • Suction cups allow simple on-screen attachment and detachment for spontaneous gaming sessions
  • Included microfiber bag is ideal for on-the-go storage and doubles as a screen cleaning cloth
  • Available with Ice, Ninja or Ultraviolet accents

Available at:
Price: $19.95 (1-pack) or $29.95 (2-pack)

4iiii Innovation: Sportiiiis – The world’s first heads up display and performance coach system for sports eyewear

  • Multi-colored LED boom provides instant visual feedback of critical workout and racing data including heart rate, cadence, power, speed, pace and other ANT+ compatible data
  • LEDs positioned in the athletes secondary vision guide athletes to their target zone to eliminate the need to take their eyes off the road
  • Powerful software enables the athlete to create personalized zone profiles for feedback on heart rate, speed, cadence, power and more
  • Sportiiiis allows athletes to maintain aerodynamically correct postures which can reduce their race time
  • Adjustable boom easily attaches to virtually any pair of glasses
  • TipTapTM technology provides audio feedback on critical performance zones and allows the athlete to change between display settings by simply tapping on the unit
  • Compatible with leading training software, simple to use with Mac, PC and Smartphones

 Starting at $199

Wicked Audio: Metallics – Stylish and vibrant earbuds produce great sound at an affordable price

  • Noise isolating earbuds deliver mind blowing sound
  • Light weight form delivers the ultimate in comfort
  • Available in 4 metallically brilliant colors: Pink, Blue, White, Green and Black

Available at:

How to enter (read carefully, if you don’t follow the instructions, your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and Friday 05/18/2012 11:59PM EST leave a comment to this post answering this question:

What is one product or product category that you’d love to see us review?

2. At some point on 05/19/2012, 1 random winner will be chosen. The winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hrs to accept their prize. If I do not receive an answer within that time frame, I’ll do other drawings till the prize is claimed.


1. Only one entry per person.

2. Contest is not open to anyone affiliated with The Gadgeteer.

3. Winner must have a US shipping address (sorry, this isn’t my decision…)

4. is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Opena, X-Doria, USB Cell Drive, iTwin, Stem Innovation, V-Moda, Ten One Design, 4iiii Innovation, Wicked Audio for the  sponsoring this contest!


The winner of this contest is #313 Jessica Bean!

Thanks again to all who entered and the sponsors who donated prizes.

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  2. I would like to see budget televisions reviewed. I am looking for a 32 inch TV and would like to know what brand TV is the best value.

  3. I would like to see you review Stem Innovation: iZON Remote Room Monitor. Thank you.

  4. I’d like to see more reviews of iPhone music docks… I’m going to get one soon with birthday money!

  5. Jeff Cunningham

    I would love to see you review sunglasses. There are so many different options for eyewear out there and your take on what is the best for any given situation would be fantastic.

  6. I’d really like to see you review more writing instruments (pens, mechanical pencils, etc).

  7. Everett Harper

    Soundbars sound like a good idea. Why are they so much more expensive than equally good PC speakers??

  8. I would love to see more every day carry gear. It’s always nice to see what someone else considers to be essential.

  9. Keith Anderson

    iPhone/iPad battery extenders. Also any power option using alternative sources (sun, wind, motion capture, hand crank, etc.). Oh, and more flashlights.

  10. I would like to see a review on computer repair/parts sites and the quality of the merchandise.

  11. Here’s another vote for more pens/stationary reviews. Also more note-taking and other productivity IOS apps 🙂

  12. I would like to see iPad accessories. People are constantly asking me about screen covers or what stylus is the best one.

  13. The plethora of gadgets you already cover is plenty. However, if another were to be added I would suggest more automotive. The in car gadgets and maybe even some under the hood improvements through software and add-on equipment.

    Also, I love the reviews of popular products that fail to live up to the packaging.

  14. would be awesome if you can start reviewing pc games or popular video games being released in general. a good start would be diablo 3 which is coming out next week. i am so looking forward to it and will be in line at gamestop on monday before the midnight release.

  15. OMGosh…I’m almost finsished w/ a degree in Network administration & a certified comp tech…I’m a tech nerd & FINALLY a giveaway I TRULY love! Aaaaah! This is an insanley awesome chance, thanks! I’d love for you review different headphones for one & the one YOU ALL think has the best quality sound b/c I’m tired of crappy sound when I listen too my music! (Ex: of some brand: SkullCandy, Bose, Etc) Two, a good review for some good guitar playing aps/accessories…my husband like to use i-rig & needs some better sounds & choices…something in that area! Thanks Gadgeteer!

  16. I like the Bluetooth and other accessories that interconnect my gadgets together, I enjoy making the stuff smaller and compact and being “connected” without wires and watch others make the “amazed” look on their faces when we pull gadgets out of the hat! Thanks for the great website.

  17. I would love for you to review iPad accessories as I do not knoe what would be the best stylus, printer or other things I may not be aware of that would be useful to have

  18. Wow what a prize!
    I love your reviews on messenger bags and also tablets… well almost anything really.
    But I would love to see a review on anti glare glasses for computer users/IT workers.

  19. Wooot I’ve always wanted to suggest something.

    Im lookin for a tablet that can access my files from my external hard drive. Sometimes I just dont want to lug around a laptop.

    The new Asus Transformer Prime looks like the only contender. Please, I would love to see this review.

    Or USB AA Battery Cell. I’ve always wanted to know a real world test on this item.

    Best to all. Peace

  20. I’ll say “cool travel gadgets.” This includes much of what you already cover, but it’s nice to know what’s new and available as both a travel kit and the things inside it. Pens that don’t leak on planes, multi-purpose gadgets that replace several others, devices that make working in a hotel room easier, easy ways to check in back home, etc.

  21. Reviews of tablets for children would be great, are the innotab and other things like that worth it, or should I just buy an iPad?


  22. I will “3rd” the suggestion of more writing utensils/pens/pencils/etc and stationary reviews.

    Next, I would request more iPad case reviews. I need something for my iPad 3 that works with the SmartCover.

    And I’m always a sucker for more gear bag reviews.

  23. I would love to see more reviews on more obscure, but still relevant and cool things.

  24. I’d like to see gear bag reviews, or maybe Bluetooth Speakers (like you can use for smartphones to do music)

  25. I’d love to see reviews of cool little gadgets that have a single use, but they work well. I love discovering gadgets like that!

  26. I’m looking at mirrorless digital cameras, so very interested in those, especially the Sony models.

  27. Hi, lot’s of nice goodies. I like to know more about  iZON Remote Room. Thanks

  28. I would like to see more reviews of bluetooth headphones/sound system like Sennheiser headphones, Braven speakers, Supertooth speakers etc.

  29. I would like to see you review Onlive, the cloud based gaming thing. Maybe tested different ways, wifi vs hardline. maybe different internet speads

  30. Android specific accessories. Yeah, they might be harder to find that iPhone/iPad accessories, that’s why I would love to hear more about them.

  31. Mudit Srivastava

    I would like to see reviews of DSLRs from an enthusiast’s point of view instead of a professional’s. I would like to see focus on ‘fun’ aspect of photography…

  32. Patrick Mienke

    I would like to see some reviews on Ultrabooks the ones I have seen on other sites are pretty bias

  33. I’m always on the lookout for great over the shoulder bags that either fit, or have space for my iPad.

  34. Well my answer is that I love the reviews of bags and such! But you already review those…So, um, it’s not pure ‘gadget’, but I keep trying to find healthy alternatives to coke/soda/pop. I know you’ve reviewed the one set of drinks (I had them, I agree with you on their quality). Can we see more of that?

  35. sub 12″ notebooks / iltra books is where the future is at (for my wife at least) – I am designated with doing the research, and it always seems like just as I am settling on one ultrabook (Zenbook ux21 anyone?) along comes the next wave (HP?!?) and I realise I need some advice on when to buy into the whole shebang!

    plus I appreciate the feminine geek advice, rather than just the male “Specs are everything” review approach

  36. Mark Rosengarten

    I spend a huge amount of time on Synthtopia…a lot of musical gadgets out there and they are just as drool-worthy as any laptop, phone or other gadget reviewed here. I know Julie has done a few musical instrument reviews but with the new Korg Kaosillator 2 (and MiniKP 2), Arturia Minibrute and like gadgetlicious items right on the horizon, it might be a neat idea to do reviews of musical gizmos for the non-professional hobbyist.

  37. Enjoy reading about unique iphone accesories such as the case/wallet combinations. Thanks and best regards.

  38. Roger Massengale

    I would love to see a review comparing all the “note taking” apps for iPad, that have handwriting recognition and find out how they are actually being used.

  39. I would like a review on suround sound system im looking to buy one soon so that would help alot.

  40. With the mess o’ stuff you already cover it is very difficult to come up with something to add.

    With more and more folks going strictly wireless I’d like to see a review of cellular base station type phones — the ones that connect to cells via bluetooth and operate via land line wiring inside a house/apartment.

  41. Dana E Holland

    I would like to please see your review and comparison on wireless routers. There are so many to choose from and I am interested in knowing which is the safest and easiest one to use.
    I would also like to please see you review an Emergency GPS transmitier that works with your smartphone and or tablet, such as the “Spot Connect”.
    Thank you

  42. As someone who uses his iPhone as his main piece of work equipment (I’m a multimedia reporter). I’d love to see a review of the latest recording apps for the iPhone.

  43. I’d like to see some reviews about handheld device charging gear, and probably something about wireless charging news update.

  44. Items that support safe bicycle commuting. Practical, Stylish, and not breaking the bank

  45. There is one product or product category that I’d love to see ya’ll review:

    WiFi Booster/antenna

  46. I would love to see a review of portable solar chargers, specifically in regard to charging smartphones, gps, etc.

  47. James Hintermeister

    Currently looking for reviews of headphones. Ever searching for that perfect balance between price and performance.

  48. Wow!!! Thanks for the great prizes.

    Tablets & gaming systems are the items I would be most interested in – especially with Sony, MS, & Nintendo due to have new units out in the next year.

  49. How about 19″ t0 22″ TV’s with internet and DVD, something you could add to a multi-monitor set up, would love to see reviews on what’s available

  50. I’d like to see some reviews on car/truck accessories (interior, not roll-bars, etc.)

  51. I would love to see home entertainment setups being reviewed.

    I.e. gadgets that help to link up various devices for a home entertainment setup


  52. I have an interest in fitness (although that interest is sometines trumped by great Mexican food). Anyway, I would like to see more info on writstwatch heart rate monitors like those from Polar, Motorola & Garmin etc.


  53. EverythingButt

    I agree with the EDC theme. Would be cool to see regular reviews on things people carry and find useful/practical. Generous giveaway too!

  54. I’d like to see a review of the pebble when it eventually comes out. I wasn’t convinced enough to pitch in and I’m curious to find out if the hype was justified.

  55. Please continue to look at additional power options. Smartphones and Tablets or Phablets use a mass amount of energy and we all need to have addtional juice with us when we are on the road. Please investigate…

  56. I would love to see you review IPad accessories. What useful thing could we use in our everyday use of our iPads.

  57. With all the cool tech gizmos already covered on the site, it would be cool to see reviews of the earthing products that help combat negative effects of electronic devices from

  58. I would actually love to see an “App a Day” review! Thanks for everything you make me want to buy, and actually buy!!!

  59. i would love to see more items for the ipad and the iphone that will truly let you go paperless. like apps, printers & scanners, and bill paying processes.

  60. Id love to see a review of the gmate from The gadget looks really interesting and promising:)

  61. I would like to see more EDC based gadgetry as well. I’m one of the backpack toting gadget freaks, and mine is loaded with gizmos. I’m always on the lookout for upgrades.

  62. Hardware and software that improves communication or file sharing between devices.

  63. I would love to see the Izon Remote Monitor reviewed. With older parents, I would like to see if function equals design in allowing my aging parents to remain in their home safely with monitoring.

  64. I am confused about the differences between jail-broken cell phones versus not. How does that manifest itself? Can anyone do it to their phone? What are the advantages and draw backs? Can you unbreak it after it’s been broken? Is it illegal? Immoral? Does your cell phone know if you’ve done it to your phone?

  65. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a mobile hot spot of your own or one of those USB mobile modems? Is it the same? Is it safe? Is one going to replace the other? Would you be better off tethering your cell phone to your device?

  66. I’d like to see you review various turntables focusing on which ones are the best to convert a person’s old record collection to digital.

  67. Marty Chandler

    I always love Julie’s reviews about pens, bags, knives and flashlights. Keep ’em comin’!

  68. I would love to see an outdoor gadget theme. Camping in the 21st century and all that.

  69. I would like to see more reviews concerning kitchen gadgets. Those are always interesting and are useful too.

  70. Matthew Winkelman

    Lets get some reviews of camping gear/gadgets. I love gadgets and the outdoors, sometimes it’s difficult to put the two together. Thanks for all the advise.

  71. I would love to see a review for a top brand all-in-one printer. I’m in the market for one and just don’t know what brand/printer to go with.

    Thanks for the chance to win..Love all the amazing prizes!!!

  72. Comparison of factory installed apps on phones which carrier gives you most usefulness with least memory footprint

  73. I am very interested in seeing you do a comparative review of portable auxiliary battery packs for mobile devices. How much capacity do they have, how many recharge cycles can they do, what is their form factor, efficiency, price etc. Thanks!

  74. I would like to see a review of flashlights. Specifically LED rechargeable lights.

  75. I would like to see you review the HP slate 2… I have not seen anyone do a review on this that is worth while

  76. I also like the EDC focus on items we are always relying on to get through our day, as well as emergency pieces that fix those random issues we run into. Power items are definitely high on that list, as well as the portable storage items.

  77. I would like to see consumer grade 3D printers reviewed based on price levels: Cheap, Not so cheap, pushing reasonable normal consumer pricing.

  78. Joseph G Abbatello

    I desperately need a Ipad print solution, a review of them would hit the spot, specifically one that can print to wi-fi or blue tooth

  79. I am hoping to become more skilled with Android tablets and have an inexpensive Toshiba Thrive, but anticipate moving to a more powerful device this year. One thing I have noticed is that there is not a standard way to compare one Android tablet to another. Certainly screen, processor and memory details are consistent, but not information about the built in sensors, which I find to be a compelling technology built into the tablets. I keep hoping some technology or gadget review site will come up with a standardized consistent way of comparing tablets.

  80. Gadgeteer! Your reviews are the best and your competitions too! I would love to see review s of any 3rd world technology stories. Africa has 600 million active cellphones today (more than India, more than Europe!), and Angola recently announced it will soon be the first nation in the world with full 4G coverage withing it’s territory. This is an emerging and important story for next decade. Plus if I’m lucky enough to win, I will share some of this much needed gear with new emerging African Bloggers and make sure they blog about it! Keep up the great work

  81. I’d like to see a review of the moleskine writing gear and how well they carry with a moleskine using the pen holder.

  82. I’d love to see the wicked audio metallics get reviewed because i am a very avid music listener and would love to know the quality of those earbuds!

  83. I’d like to see reviews of helpful websites or software, similar to what some of the PC mags do, but with the upgraded Gadgeteer flair. Discovering a new helpful site or software for the PC or Mac that makes life easier, or just more interesting would be fantastic! Thanks for the site!

  84. I would love to see more reviews on noise-canceling headphones because I am always looking for the next great sound device for my ears.

  85. Randall Willis

    I think it would be interesting for you to occasionally review a kick starter project that would appeal to our eclectic group

  86. I would like to see you guys review the plethora of compact bluetooth speakers, taking into account actual situation, e.g. Crowded room, outdoors, etc.

  87. What is one product or product category that you’d love to see us review?


  88. I seem to be interested in any iPad product reviews. I think it is really catches my attention when it is a unique product that you don’t find in stores.

  89. I’d love to see some reviews of the Windows Phone 8 Apollo devices and Windows 8 Tablets when they come out.

  90. I’m smoking a brisket for mom tomorrow on mothers day and I’d like to have a new wireless thermometer. Do they make one for my iPhone? haha

  91. A really good wireless usb type audio sender receiver to allow me to watch movies from my PC to my huge tv and have sound capability too.

  92. More automotive tech. Are the in-dash nav systems keeping pace with the handheld options? How do I get more value out of the Bluetooth connection in my car?

  93. I agree with the Android Tablets. I’m thinking of getting one to use with work, and am not quite sure which one to get.

    chrisk83 at

  94. I’d love to see more reviews on garden gadgets. There have been a few, but there is soooo much stuff out there that I’m not sure would live up to the claims on the boxes, that it’s hard to know where to invest the little budget I have for those types of items!

  95. Really like your reviews and have purchased some items based on these. One category I’d like to see more of is Business Gadget Bags – especially for women.

    Not easy finding reasonably priced suitable bags that can hold work gadgets (11″ MacBook Air, iPad, cables, notebook and pens, wallet) look impressive, can fit in any boardroom and don’t scream “I am loaded with gadgets, come rob me!”.

    I’ll keep checking your reviews with hope. Excellent site!

  96. I would like to see more reviews of photography and video apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, especially ones that allow for unique effects.

  97. I’d love to see some iPad stylus reviews, especially some that still work with the original iPad.

  98. How about reviews on more “gadgety” everyday items?, eg. you can now get LCD screens with internet access on your refrigerator, induction cooktops, combined steam washer/dryer single units, etc.

  99. I’d love to see reviews of products that would promote living in a smaller space. I’m anti-McMansion, and I think many of us would prefer to downsize our footprint if only we could do so more efficiently.

  100. I would like to have a detailed comparison among all the makers of wireless extension speakers suitable for making phone calls…for all us ‘road warriors’ out there!

  101. The senior citizen population is exploding and I hope technology will keep pace with the aging group. What are some gadgets that would be useful for older nerds? Small buttons and tiny displays are fine for youth, but I’m hoping there will be helpful devices scaled for misty eyes and 10 thumbs!

  102. i love the torch/flashlight reviews. i would like to see more of them including multipurpose torches for specialized applications. of greatest interest to me are torches that record audio and video while simultaneously performing their primary job as a light source.

    thanks for another great chance to win!

  103. I would like to see more musical software instruments that can be played on ipad/ipod.

  104. I’d like to see you review what you guys think will be the best futuristic devices that are coming out somewhat “ahead of their time”. Items like this would include the Google Glass project and the Microsoft Touchscreen Table Computer.

  105. Maxpedition Malaga – great every day carry bag and highly modifiable. Even fit iPad and other needed items…

  106. I would love to see an in depth article about quality speakers for portable audio players. not just ipods

  107. I want you to review Intel’s WiDi 3.0 when it comes out. I am going to buy a laptop around the time it is slated to be released and I think the technology sounds awesome!

  108. I would like to see a review of JF-UFDP4S, the micro USB and USB 2.0 dual-connector flash drive to use for your Android smartphones and tablets. Despite what some of your readers say, I enjoy using USB flashdrives. They are not a thing of the past. Is that cloud snobbery? When and where can we purchase such a dual connector in this country?

  109. Saddleback Leather medium Thin Briefcase. I’m sure it could handle the laptop and notebook I need to carry, just not sure about all the other stuff that normally goes along with them.

  110. I would like to see comparison reviews of MiFi and other mobile computing plans. It is one thing to advertise a MiFi card and another to compare the fee plans and how well the card works.

  111. I would love to see some reviews on audio products. It’s hard to buy such expensive headphones without knowing how well they work, and it’s quite a hassle to track them down in-store. Looking forward to more great reviews!

  112. I would love to see more Auto related stuff (stereos, Aux MP3 Adapters, phone charging)

  113. Please do a review more accessories (cases, keyboards,…)for the iPad. I can never get enough gadgets for my iPad.

  114. I’d like to see a review of the PCMCIA mice available… I’ve considered one for a long time as they are great space savers, but never had the chance to actually play with one.

  115. I’d like to see a review of pocket-sized or travel-friendly projectors. For us training/sales-y gadgeteers!

  116. Wireless speakers for home audio systems… Preferably ones that are affordable yet don’t suck. Dreaming?

  117. wireless speakers for home audio. Ones that are affordable, yet don’t suck… dreaming?

  118. protective ipad cases rankings/ratings would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate your reviews, but would love to see items ranked.

  119. Wow!!! Love those Gadget Giveaways. I would like to see a review of some underwater cameras/video cameras.

  120. Cloud drive providers (i.e. Amazon, Dropbox). What are the pros and cons of any and all of them.

  121. The Cirago Keyboard Case probably answers my first need, but I am also looking for an alternate way of carrying my iPad in a piece of clothing. Alternate to Scottvest, that is. What else is out there to make is convenient to slip my iPad in and carry to coffee, etc.?

  122. I’m in my car a lot, so I’d like to see more gadget reviews that are in the automotive-related category.

  123. I’d like to see more reviews of tablets and (yes, I still use one) netbooks, as well as touch screen computers. Especially with Metro, it seems to be where we’re all headed.

    Also, any small electronics/accessories that make great gifts.

    Thanks for the many great reviews!

  124. Review gadgets that are useful in making life easier for people with various medical conditions. Cancer, Alzheimer, Lupus, etc. Things that can either aid in comfort or day to day survival.

  125. Would like to see a review on higher end point and shoot cameras like the Canon G12/Gx. And things for kids.

  126. I would like to see a review of the new Buffalo home networking using the router and the bridge, and where the competition is with this new technology.

  127. I would love to see a review of products that cross over from just plain tech gadgets. Maybe some that are used for DIY projects around the house and how tech can help.

  128. I would love to see a review of some of the latest backpacks catering to 15.6″ laptop users.

  129. Osprey Warp Vertical Shoulder Bag
    I love this bag. I have always had a bad habit of taking too much stuff, because there was space…then the bag was too heavy. This bag is large enough to carry my netbook, a rain jacket, my coffee mug and all the daily junk that usually resides in my pockets. It carries extremely well, whether I am on foot or on bike. The described pocket on the strap is a perfect fit for my sunglasses, while there is a zipper pocket just below the strap that holds my phone and/or mp3 player. I’m also really partial to the hooks along the strap that hold the headphone cable in place, keeping it from flopping around and getting tangled in everything else. I find that I’m using this bag for everyday use, simply because it will carry what is needed in one place, without letting me overload myself with things I don’t actually need. I considered for several weeks whether or not I actually wanted the bag, and in the end, I have been more than pleased with the purchase.

  130. I would like to see small – super small computer boards reviewed. The new Raspberry Pi is what I have in mind. It’s a $35 full computer board the size of a credit card. It has wireless, HD video, sound, etc. all on this incredibly small board. It boots from an sd card that you create. So many possibilities! There must be other units like this “out there”.

  131. I’d love to see more reviews (and products) for augmented reality and heads-up displays. Google, if you’re reading this, please send Julie a set of Google Glasses to review! : )

    When phone screens are too small and tablets are too large to carry – that’s a niche that these products can fill. They might be gimmicky right now, but many things begin that way.

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  134. It would be nice if you could review solar powered chargers. I think some have very slow charging rates if using their built-in solar cells. They are thus giving a false impression that solar charging feature would be useful. You might have to wait a whole day for it to charge. By that time, your phone would be dead.

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  139. Jonathan Klein

    I would like to see a preview/eventual review of any 3rd party bluetooth 4.0 active pressure sensitive stylus’s that come out for Ipad. As a digital artist, I’m really looking forward to something like this, but Apple is too stubborn with their “no stylus” policy and I don’t like Samsung’s “s-pen” offerings just yet.

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  143. I’d like to see a comparison or ratings for Iphone protective cases. Some are so bulky and don’t allow you to plug them into accessories without removing them from the cases. I wish there were options that protected the phone when a teen is using it without them having to remove the case each time they want to plug it into accessories.

  144. Michael Althauser

    I’d love to see reviews of laptop/iPad friendly messenger bags – Moop, Timbuk2, etc.

  145. I would like for you guys to do a cost comparison between, comparatively equivalent, Windows and Mac laptops. Are the Mac’s really worth the price?

  146. Camping gadgets. Camp coffee maker, camp stove, camp power options (power equipped tents, portable power, etc) to keep our OTHER gadgets working while in the field are some good examples.

  147. more messenger bags – still trying to find a good replacement for my courierware large deluxe bag ( I need a pocket on the outside (or close enough for it to stick out the side) to hold my umbrella.

  148. Rainer Mueller

    Virgin Mobile $35 a month unlimited data, text, and 300 minutes of talk deal.

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  156. Hi,

    Id like to see a review of the Datajack Mifi 2200 Mobile Hotspot. You mentioned it last month, and I really like the idea of varying wifi access rather than a set contract, but I’m hesitant to buy without a solid independent review….
    Thank you !

    – Margaret

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    Please review and explain what the “skylander” add on is for video game systems. Also the playstation 3D monitor.

  164. The winner of this contest is #313 Jessica Bean!

    Thank you to everyone that entered and shared their ideas for reviews/articles they might like to see here in the future.

    And a HUGE thank you to all the sponsors for this contest!

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