Captain! There Be Whales Here!

The Octa TabletTail adds a stand and a grip to your iPad.  The Vacuum Dock is the first part of the system.  It is an “ergonomically shaped suction attachment that provides a reliable and long-lasting connection to your device.”  It’s shaped to fit comfortably in your hand.  The WhaleTail snaps into the dock, and it acts as a stand to support your iPad in both viewing and typing positions.  The WhaleTail also serves as a comfortable grip to help you keep a firm hold on your slippery iPad.  The Vacuum Dock and WhaleTail are $49.95, from Octa.  Like most accessories on the market today, the iPad is featured in the photos for this item, but Octa says the TabletTail is “compatible with every iPad model, as well as with most tablets, e-readers and netbooks.”

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3 thoughts on “Captain! There Be Whales Here!”

  1. OK… while that iPad stand isn’t quite my thing, I had to laugh at post’s title!

    (Now, can you give me directions to Alameda? Where they keep the nuclear wessels!)

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