Cook up Some Pork & Beans and Charge Your Phone With the Same Device

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The PowerPot is a Kickstarter project that has already earned funding with 8 days to spare. What is it? It’s a portable thermo electric generator. Take it camping, fill it with some water or food, place it on your  campfire and you’ve got instant power.  There are two versions: the PowerPot V and the PowerPot X, which respectively produce 5 and 10 watts of usable electricity. An attached USB cable (yes, it’s fire resistant) connects to your device. They  provide enough power to charge 2-3 smaller devices like your mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player or LED light. A larger version is in the works that will be able to charge a tablet. They can even work with a candle instead of a campfire, so you could use them in the event of a power outage. If you pledge $125, you’ll receive the smaller PowerPot V backpack version that can hold 1.5 quarts. $199 gets you the larger PowerPot X which has a 2 quart capacity.

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5 thoughts on “Cook up Some Pork & Beans and Charge Your Phone With the Same Device”

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  2. I think having a solar charger would be a bit safer. The built-in usb cord might be fire resistant but I’m sure the usb cord for your electronics isn’t.

  3. It’s worth noting that some of the pledge levels don’t actually get YOU a Powerpot but actually fund sending a Powerpot to someone in a developing nation.

  4. How many people will be keeping water boiling for 2-3 hours to charge a cell phone?

    It’s a neat idea in trying to capture waste-heat, but I can’t see it being really practical.

    MAYBE something like this attached to a home water heater…

  5. You will run out of fuel in a few hours. The sun is available for free for many hours a day (unless the weather is bad).

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