Brisbane Outdoor Gear Bags (BOGear)

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I love finding gear that’s still designed and manufactured in Australian, as so much of it has been outsourced overseas. Brisbane Outdoor Gear (BOGear) from Queensland’s line-up certainly fits that criteria.  They’re made out of local materials where available and using reclaimed materials such as PVC billboards, and they even try to use recycled products for the patterns used in their manufacturing process. Their range covers messenger bags, backpacks and accessories such as tool rolls, straps and pouches made of recycled bicycle inner tubes. Because they still hand manufacture on site, they can do custom bags as well. While having their origins in bicycle messengers and packs, their range is still fashionable enough for every day use. Unlike many fashion products though they encourage you to “dirtify” their product:

“Dirtify is the long process that occurs when you use a piece of gear regularly.  It results in gear that is so full of sweat, dirt, love and experiences that it stands up on its own; but maybe that’s just because of the dirt.  It becomes so powerful that it is almost as if the piece of dirtified gear becomes you, and you become the gear.”

Messenger bags start with the Babycandy at $65AU.

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  2. @Ian – Nice looking line of bags. I like that they have small to ridiculously large—lots of options! Their reclaimed-material stance is great too, I especially like those innertube pouches. And their “dirtify” process is so true; our everyday items seem to take on a rich patina of dirt and grime that feels somehow earned by our daily adventures.

    1. @Andy & Ian It’s funny that you should mention “dirtifying” bags. I’ve been getting bored with my shiny red and black Timbuk2 because it always looks so freaking new even though I’ve been carrying it every day for almost 2yrs now. I think I want to splurge and get a new bag from them that isn’t the shiny vinyl.

  3. @Andy and Julie Some of my bags certainly have “badges of honour” from all their experiences. I prefer waxed canvas as an option for my bags at the moment, it’s got an “old school” look and “ages” more gracefully than ballistic/cordura 🙂

    Like some of the more prominent US bag makers, it’s nice that these are still made in country. There’s one BIG Australian bag manufacturer who’s moved ALL their production off shore 🙁

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