CaseCrown Alumi-HUB Looks At Home By Your Mac

Are you a Mac fanboy/girl that thought you had everything? How did you not know about the CaseCrown Alumi-HUB 4-port USB Hub? Featuring a matte aluminum body and white accents, it bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s Mac keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Includes 4 USB ports and a shielded connection cable. Lightweight and compact so it could be used with MacBook laptops as well as desktop iMacs. Of course, you can still use it with your PC too. Regularly $50.21, currently on sale for $29.95. Now, if we could just get ’em to make an 8-port version…


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3 thoughts on “CaseCrown Alumi-HUB Looks At Home By Your Mac”

  1. @Jackie – That’s true. I suppose that if your preference is to have external power, this product might be decent for an on-the-road laptop hub, if nothing else.

    Maybe this is an opportunity for a Quirky or Kickstarter project—an Apple Mac-looking hub with a external power, available in 4- 6- -8 or more-port versions. Hmm… 😉

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