LIL KIKR Charges and Amplifies your iPhone’s Audio

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The LIL KIKR is an anodised aluminum charging dock that also boosts the sound of your iPhone or iPod’s speakers by 10db without requiring power to do so. It’s been designed to work with the iPod nano 3g, iPod 6g, iPod touch, iPhone 3/3G and iPhone 4/4S. LIL KIKR is a Kickstarter funded project and they are offering two different models – LIL KIKR and LIL KIKR+. LIL KIKR is designed specifically for the iPhone 4/4S without a case. LIL KIKR+ is a more versatile dock that fits the latest generation iPod or iPhone with or without a case. LIL KIKR and LIL KIKR+ are available in 3 sleek anodized colors – red, black or silver. A $50 contribution will entitle you to one LIL KIKR or LIL KIKR+ in any color.

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