PhoneSoap Cleans Your Phone While It Charges

Ever use your phone in “unsavoury” places ?  Well even if you don’t, who knows what bacteria and germs live on your phone that you’ve picked up during the day? I mean we use them everyday, everywhere we go…and sometimes it really is everywhere. 🙂

PhoneSoap is a Kickstarter project to address this issue. Rather than just charging your phone every night, you place it in the PhoneSoap and plug it in.  It will be bathed in a 3-5 minute burst of UV-C light to kill any bacteria present, and your phone is sanitised and sterilized.  The outer dimensions of PhoneSoap are 1.9 inches in height by 4.95 inches wide and 6.95 inches long, so your phone needs to be less than 4.1 inches wide, less than 6.1 inches tall and less than 1.2 inches thick to be able to fit comfortably and connect with the charging connector.  PhoneSoap comes with an Apple 30-pin connector and a microUSB connector, which should charge most phones.

Pledging $39 on Kickstarter will preorder you one.

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