Prop Up Your iPad with Padprop

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No matter how thin and light they are, iPads can be tiring to hold for long times.  Laying them on your lap or a table top may give your hands a rest, but the iPad likely won’t be at a good viewing angle.  With the Padprop, you can stand your iPad on your desk or even the seat-back trays on a plane or train.  Because of the slingshot-shape, you can even use the Padprop as a lap stand by letting the Padprop fit between your knees.  The Padprop is made of foam and weighs only 1.76 ounces, so you can easily carry it in your bag.  You can adjust the viewing angle simply by sliding the Padprop up or down the sides of the iPad; the fit is snug enough that you don’t have to worry about the iPad slipping out.  The Padprop is available to fit either the original iPad or the iPad 2 for about £14.99 (about $23.44 US);  world-wide shipping is available.

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