Archos Announces the Child Pad 7” ICS Kid-Friendly Tablet

Children always want to have things like their parents have, and I’ll admit that my daughter had her first (hand-me-down) PDA when she was five.  Before that age, I wouldn’t have been comfortable even letting her play with my devices because very young children can have trouble understanding the need for being very careful with some things and even more trouble remembering to be careful.   Archos is introducing a new tablet just for children.  The Child Pad is a 7″ compact tablet running Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”, and it’s powered by a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.  It will have some big-tablet features, like “colored icons, home screen folders with direct access to games, learning, and puzzles, and the top 28 kids’ apps pre-loaded, including Angry Birds, Pig Rush, and Flight Frenzy.”  You can add new apps from the Kids App Store, powered by AppsLib, which is filtered down to kid-friendly games, entertainment, communication, books, multimedia, and more.  The Child Pad was designed to comply with CIPA and COPPA regulations to provide a safe environment for kids, and parental controls will let you tailor your child’s experience.  The Child Pad will sell for $129 and it will be available at the end of March, 2012.

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  • Ed Venture March 2, 2012, 4:55 pm

    Why would I want this over a $99 Leap pad Explorer? (Other than the fact that Leap pads are still nearly impossible to find.)

  • venu June 19, 2012, 7:09 am

    is it available in singapore?

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