Tom Bihn Travel Tray Review

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We’ve all done this… We get to our travel destination and take all the stuff out of our pockets and dump it on the nearest table. At some point or another, we have problems finding object x because we set it down somewhere in our room and can’t remember where. The Travel Tray from Tom Bihn is an elegant and easy to use solution to this problem. It will keep all your doodads and whatsits in one place so you’ll never have to run around your hotel room trying to find a misplaced item. Let’s take a look.

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The Travel Tray made of a very strong and light weigh nylon ripstop material called Dyneema. It is available in 4 colors: Steel (Grey), Iberian (Red), Solar (Yellow) and Ultraviolet (Purple). I was sent the Steel version to review.

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The way the tray has been constructed, allows it to keep a bucket like shape that is ready to hold all your gear. The “bucket” is approximately 7 inches across and 4.5 inches tall.

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Here are a few items that I’ll use to demonstrate how the Travel Tray works.

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Just drop them in and you have a nice little home for all your gear that will be easy to locate when you need to retrieve an object. Easy to use and useful. But wait, there’s more…

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The sides of Travel Tray can turn up to create an even larger bucket, or you can secure the items by cinching the top closed.

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The spring loaded lock on the cord keeps the edges closed.

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You can then compress the tray to make it as flat as possible for storage inside another bag.

Upon close inspection, I could not find any flaws with the materials or construction of the Travel Tray. It’s a great little accessory that frequent travelers will appreciate. It’s definitely going with me on my next trip.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Tom Bihn
  • Useful
  • Cinch close top
  • Retains shape
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4 thoughts on “Tom Bihn Travel Tray Review”

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  2. @Mike – there are lots of travel trays similar to the Redoxx one, I have used on for a few years [being a clasy Brit, mine is good old leather 😉 ]

    The Tom Bihn item is IMO very different – the way you can close it and stash it in your bag if you are in a rush to checkout from a hotel is unique. I achieve a similar effect by using a small gadget bag for essentials, but the Tom Bihn tray looks interesting. The only issue I have is it looks a bit like a portable car [automobile] trash bin you get get in the UK – not as nice lloking but a lot cheaper and could do a similar job…;jsessionid=9B63422FAC5EB3D89E709309459F776F.app1

  3. Julie: The zip closure wallet, what kind is that? I really like it. Have you reviewed it?

    Oh, yeah, I like the travel tray also, just not sure I’d use it enough. Does Tom Bihn they have anything like it that might work for toting a lunch (along with silverware & napkins)?


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